Global war 2.


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I view the current kerfuffle in the world as a modern day 7 years war, not a potential world war. As no power is global in nature, like the British Empire was. Without that you would have just had a war in China and a war on the Northern European plain.

In the 7 years war you had the Atlantic/European/Indian theater. With the British allied with the Prussians in Europe. No single power on either side could overwhelm the other. However one side was able to strategically out maneuver the other and gain strategic control over the Indian Ocean and Atlantic. In this regard the Russian goal is to drive the Americans out of Europe, and the Chinese goal is to drive the Americans out of the Western Pacific. It was a much smaller scale war, but fought on a global strategic theater. That's what I see happening.

What do other people think about it?

People online compare it to WW2, but I don't see it myself. I don't see a single power of the scale of the British Empire, to make it a world war fought all over the place over three Oceans and Three continents. However I do see the war going hot at some point between NATO/Russia and China. Over the places the Chinese/Russians want to remove the Americans from and where the Americans want to reassert their domination.
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