Analysis How Israel became a high-tech military superpower (Caspian Report)


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There are ~6.5 million Jews living in Israel
There are ~7.5 million Jews living in USA
they constitute more than 80% of all Jews in the world.
According to a study carried out in USA, the median net worth of people believing in Judaism is calculated at 150,890 USD, while the median net worth of conservative Protestants (including Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists, Christian Scientists) was 26,200 USD. The overall median in the dataset was 48,200 USD. So a Jewish person in average more than 3 times richer than an average American.
50% of all billionaires in US are Jewish. Almost all high powered Law firms are Jewish. Majority of US media is owned by Jews.
This is almost the same in UK and France and most rich and developed western country.
When you have such a financial clout behind you and most of your fellow-religion population (especially abroad) are well educated then you can not lose.
After the mass killings of Jews in WW2, this has been the policy of Jewish people.
Having lived through 3 major attempts to have them removed from promised lands, they have realised to become more powerful militarily. Hence their military might and nuclear capability today.


Superpower is a bit of an exaggeration IMO.

Certainly, Israel benefited tremendously from ample Western aid. Direct and indirect aid, monetary and nonmonetary aid. Diplomatic and very often non-diplomatic assistance.

However, there have been other cases such as Turkey, Pakistan, Arab dictatorships and many other countries that have not been quite as successful as this tiny statelet despite alliance or close partnerships with the USA.

We might as well ask why are North Korea and South Korea so different? Despite both of them belonging to the same nation and coming from shared roots, with shared history, genes, language and culture?

We might as well ask if the roles were reversed and complete embargo on Israel were to be initiated by the entire Western world, much like North Korea or to a limited extent Iran, Cuba, Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq experienced, how well would Israel have fared?

Some food for thoughts.

There were a few factual errors in the short video. Good summary of Israeli defence-industrial developmet trajectory, still.

Part of the reason Iran's Natanz nuclear reactor could be affected by Stuxnet is Iranian dependence on Western hardware and software. In this case, it was some Siemens PLC systems that were affected or so it is reported. Western hardware or software can not be trusted if you want your country to be independent.

The problem is: How can you be totally independent of the West when your country has a puny population of about 80 million people as in Iran? Or in Turkey? Or slightly more as in Egypt? And when the Western combined population is about 1 billion, or 1000 million?

The short answer is: You can not.

There in lies the crux of the matter.

Iranian religious 'scholars' seem to be a rare breed that encouraged birth control. Most religious 'scholars' around the world think differently. Little did the Iranian 'scholars' realize that in trying to imitate just about anything and everything Western, they have stunted Iran's future potential.


And now they are stuck in a limbo.
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