Defence Q&A Is TurAF's withdrawal from Tiger Meet exercise and Greece's recent violations a new Greek provocation to undermine US-Turkey growing relations?


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Once again people are questioning the reason of this withdrawal or in Greek perspective kicking Tr out of the drill. One or another, the essence of the act is well known for decades let's dig it out.

1st of all Greece has started a campaign to impede Turkish F16 acquisition. The campaign is kicked out simultaneously at Greece and USA. US campaign is taken in action by Hellenic Union. The latter at Greece/Europe is taken by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs provision. But why? Why they have suddenly started an immense campaign to stain Turkey? The main reason is Secretary of State Mr.Blinken's statement on Tr and the reference to " ...our ally Turkey"

It's certain that US wants to keep India and Turkey in US's influence. Beside denying the arms export may enforce both countries to prefer alternatives like French, Chinese or Russian.This has been a great blow to Greek PR since 2019 which clearly structured on the " containment of Turkey at int'l politics.

Nicos Dendias commented on US- Greece military agreement ( which has a long history since early 90s): US doesn't care Turkish opinion on Greek-US bilateral agreements. But the main hidden truth from public opinion is that so called defense agreement guarantees the Greek sovereignty but also implies the rights of Greece to have 12 miles which is blatantly distorted.

The same agreement was existing at the Kardak Crisis which is a notorious failure of early Greek maximalist policy. But US didn't let Greece to claim on Kardak islets on her own maritime perspective. Initially Clinton administration kept silence on the issue but thenintervened in. Greece was expecting Clinton to be pro-Greek due to defence agreement and also Hellenic Community contribution to Democrats against incumbent Bush at the 1992 USA presidential election. The picture shows Clinton's visit to George Vassilious prior to election. Mr.Vassilious was Greek Cypriot president.This visit and similar kind words to Gerek side caused elation at Athens but Kardak Crisis and Clinton's disdain to Greek maximalist policy was upsetting.

Now Dendias concocted a narrative the same old agreement would give Greece to achieve inherent(!) right: having the whole Aegean and half of the East Mediterranean sea. But 1st US withdrew from endorsing EastMed pipeline project. This decision socked it to Greece.

2nd US views on maritime disputes exclusively focuse on Chinese islet-island approach. China overvalue the islet/island EEZ against the Philippines and Vietnam which is smilar to Greek EEZ projections ignoring the Turkish long coast at Mediterranean. If US were to back the Greek maximalist policy it would dent the US maritime policy at Pacific especially in South Chinese Sea. The flagrant similarity thwarted Washington to align with Greek maximalist maritime claims.

Serious punches on Greek narrative also stirred the Greek parliament. Last month Syriza slammed Dendias to be obsessed with Turkey and being a shadow of Turkish MFA Cavusoglu rather than pursuing Greek interests. Also he was blamed to mislead public on so called Turkiye isolation.

Now there is only way to gain points is to escalate tensions at Aegean and if possible at Cyprus. If Greece fails to do, Turkey will probably strengthen the US relations. That is a unforgivable impasse for Greek government. Turkey should be so careful.

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typical of the greek character, everything they do is hostile but at the same time portray themselves as the constant victim.

Unfortunately they do not want peace, like the armenians they will start another war instead of doing the right thing and cutting a deal thats good for both sides.
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