Israel Israeli Navy features Sa’ar 6- class corvette in int’l “Noble Dina” exercise for first time


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The Israel-led exercise took place in the Mediterranean over the course of two weeks and included forces from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France and the US

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The international naval exercise “Noble Dina 2023,” lead by the Israeli Navy, wrapped up after two weeks on Thursday. The IDF communicated that this represents another step forward in strengthening international and regional cooperation in order to guarantee maritime freedom and defense.

This is an annual exercise, which takes place in the Mediterranean and includes both maritime and aerial drills. This year, it included forces from Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France and the US.

Israeli forces included two Sa’ar 4.5- class missile boats, a Sa’ar 5- class corvette, and a Sa’ar 6- class corvette – which made its debut appearance at Noble Dina. Other Israeli forces included a Dolphin-class submarine and Israeli Air Force fighter jets and helicopters.

At the top of the exercise, two weeks ago, the forces jointly sailed to Cyprus, where they performed a series of exercises – including complex anti-submarine underwater warfare, joint naval combats, handling aerial threats, search and rescue, joint refueling and more.

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