Air-Force Japan suspends payment for F-15JSI program


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F15 fighter refurbishment, complete review Cost swelling Japan-US talks difficult


It has been revealed that the Ministry of Defense has decided to completely revise the current plan over the refurbishment of the Air Self-Defense Force 's F15 fighter aircraft with cruise missiles for ground attack . It was planned to repair 20 aircraft by 2027, but discussions between Japan and the United States were difficult due to soaring initial costs prior to the repair. Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi ordered a scrutiny of the renovation plan involved in the ministry. Although it had postponed the recording of related expenses in the FY2009 budget, it also canceled the renovation contract for 39 billion yen planned with the US government and Japanese manufacturers in the FY2008 budget .

As China strengthens its expansion into the area around the Okinawa and Senkaku Islands and frequently deploys naval vessels that are said to be able to carry missiles with a range of more than 1,000 kilometers , the ministry will enhance the ability to carry long-range missiles and electronic warfare. the renovation " Nansei Islands has been positioned as a pillar of strengthening the defense force of the". In the "unusual situation" (government officials) who cannot execute the budget for FY2008, which was passed by the Diet, there is an urgent need to consider how to replace these capabilities.

In December 2017 , the ministry decided to install a cruise missile "JASSM-ER" (range: about 900 km) on the F15, assuming that a remote island was occupied by an enemy landing party. The number of repaired aircraft is specified as 20 in the medium-term defense capability development plan ( medium-term defense , 5 years from FY19 to FY2011). It was expected that it would take about five years from budgeting to delivery, and the renovation was planned to be completed by FY2015.

The ministry budgeted a total of 80.2 billion yen (contract basis) in FY19-20 as the initial cost "initial cost" for the design cost and work facility maintenance required prior to the renovation. However, the US side requested further initial expenses, and added 21.3 billion yen to the FY2009 budget request . After that, the US side was informed of the policy of increasing the initial cost even after FY 2010, and pointed out that "the whole picture of the cost has not been grasped".

Regarding the renovation of F15, rice ...

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