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Tek millet tek vatan, Nursultan Nazarbayev!!

Seriously wouldnt it be great if the presidents of the Turkic world took Tayyips songs and just put their own style to it.


After unrest in Kazakhstan, German settlers rush to leave the country
After mass protests and the aggravation of the political situation in Kazakhstan, there may be more ethnic Germans wishing to leave for Germany. What difficulties they face, DW found out.

On the eve of the collapse of the former USSR in 1989, about a million ethnic Germans lived in Kazakhstan. After the first wave of emigration to Germany, approximately 350 thousand Germans remained in the republic by the beginning of the 2000s. Today, twenty years later, the German diaspora is in seventh place in terms of numbers, numbering just over 170 thousand people. The process of the departure of Germans to their historical homeland, although not at the same pace as before, is still ongoing. Moreover, the economic and now the political situation in Kazakhstan may cause a new surge of emigration. However, the pandemic and measures to combat it in Germany itself have become a deterrent in the past two years.

Many ethnic Germans who have already received a permit would like to leave Kazakhstan as soon as possible, but they have to wait for a German visa for about six months. DW contacted some IDP families who shared their concerns and fears, which have been heightened by recent events in Kazakhstan.

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