News Kyrgyzstan wants to imitate Turkey's renewable energy production experience


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OSTİM ENERJİK Chairman of the Board Yaşar Çelik and 20 business people accompanying him held a bilateral business meeting in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

A business forum was held within the framework of bilateral meetings for the OSTİM delegation, who came to Bishkek to see the hydroelectric and renewable energy potential of the country closely.

At the business forum, Turkish entrepreneurs were informed about the country's renewable energy potential and opportunities, as well as the conditions for doing business and the legislation that will bring legal conveniences in the field of renewable energy.

"I invite you to invest in our country"

In his speech at the opening of the forum, Tolkunay Taalaybekova, Head of the Kyrgyz Presidency's Department of Attracting and Supporting Investments, said, "I would like to thank the OSTİM business delegation who came to Kyrgyzstan and invite them to invest in our country. We are ready to work together with OSTİM." said.

Taalaybekova drew attention to the intense cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey in every field and said, "More than 300 Turkish business entrepreneurs operate in Kyrgyzstan. Turkey stands out with its 700 million dollar investment projects in Kyrgyzstan. Successful projects in the future together with Turkey. We hope to implement it.” he said.

Inviting the OSTİM delegation to invest in the Batken region in the south of the country, where they will be exempt from four separate taxes, together with the Kyrgyz businessmen, Taalaybekova said, "I believe that this business meeting will contribute to the development of the renewable energy sector as well as the commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries." used the phrase.

Turkey's Bishkek Ambassador Ahmet Sadık Doğan emphasized that it is important to convey Turkey's knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy to Kyrgyz stakeholders.

OSTİM ENERJİK Chairman of the Board of Directors Çelik said that as a result of these meetings, they aimed to develop commercial cooperation between the two countries and contribute to the development of Kyrgyzstan.

Turkey-Kyrgyzstan Businessmen, Culture, Solidarity and Friendship Association (TÜKİD) Chairman Şevki Sarılar stated that the interest of Turkish business people in investment issues in Kyrgyzstan has increased considerably in recent years, "As far as I have seen in the last 13 years, we are at the highest point in relations between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. As business people, we must turn Turkish and Kyrgyz relations into opportunities." said.

At the business forum, Kyrgyzstan Presidential Anti-Corruption Business Council Specialist Aydarbek Mambetkadyrov, Eurasia Business Club Chairman Uran Niyazaliyev, Small Hydroelectric Power Plants Association President Elvira Borombayeva, Wind and Solar Power Plants Association President Kunduz Kırbaşeva also made speeches.

"We want to combine our investments and experiences"

OSTİM ENERJİK Chairman of the Board Çelik, reminding that he came to Kyrgyzstan for the second time, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, "We want to combine our investments and experiences with a sister country, not just brotherly bonds." said.

Reminding that when he first came to the country, he saw that enough electricity was not produced and that the legislation regarding energy purchases had not been regulated yet, Çelik stated that they were ready to provide information on renewable energy in terms of technology, location, tariff and legislation that were made and completed years ago in Turkey.

"Our renewable share in the electricity power installed in our country is zero"

Kunduz Kırbaşeva, President of the Wind and Solar Power Plants Association, said that the share of renewables in the installed electricity power in his country is zero percent.

Explaining that Turkey has shown great success in energy transformation, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and that she witnessed it personally while driving from Izmir to Istanbul, Kırbaşeva added that as Kyrgyzstan, they want to take Turkey's renewable energy production experience as an example.

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