Ukraine Lithuania will transfer Amber-1800 radar to Ukraine, review


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Lithuania will transfer six Amber-1800 radars to Ukraine. The radars will be purchased as part of the German “Immediate Air Defense Action” initiative. The Amber-1800 radar was developed by the Lithuanian company Altimus-Tech and was first shown in 2014. In Ukraine, the station is produced under the name Yantar-1800. The AMBER-1800 radar is designed to automatically detect airborne objects and determine their current coordinates. The Amber-1800 radar is located on two vehicles. A truck with a hardware cabin that houses the operator and electronic equipment and a trailer with a six-meter radar and two power supply units. The radar provides detection of air targets, depending on the transmitter power and the target's ESR value, at a range from 100 meters to 400 km. The approximate effective scattering surface of air targets is shown on the screen. The deployment time of the Amber-1800 radar is 12 minutes, the installation is controlled by two operators. The price has not been announced.


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