USA MIND Tech. demonstrates Sea Serpent ASW System at US Navy exercise


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Sea Serpent system deployed from a boat (MIND photo)

On September 27, 2022, MIND Technologies Inc., a Texas/U.S.-based company providing underwater research solutions, announced the successful demonstration of its Sea Serpent ASW system during the U.S. Navy's Coastal Trident 2022 exercise.​

MIND Technologies press release

MIND Technology, Inc. has completed a successful demonstration of its Sea Serpent low-cost anti-submarine warfare system as a part of the U.S. Navy’s Coastal Trident 2022 exercise. For the demonstration, the system was deployed from an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and successfully executed an autonomous mission to detect a realistic underwater target.

Sea Serpent is based on MIND’s commercially developed SeaLink seismic streamer technology which is used worldwide for seismic surveys. Sea Serpent can be used for harbor security, maritime domain awareness, or ASW (anti-submarine warfare) and provides a cost-effective, highly capable, low-power, robust, and scalable solution that can be easily customized to an individual end-user’s requirements. This system also provides a rapidly deployable sub-sea intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability from fully autonomous platforms.

“We are incredibly pleased with this successful demonstration from our Sea Serpent ASW system. We believe this illustrates the versatility of our technologies and our ability to adapt our existing technology to new and unique applications. The primary aim of this experiment was to demonstrate that the Sea Serpent is a viable ASW product that can be rapidly, easily, and reliably deployed from a small USV. We intend to take what we learned from this exercise to continue improving the Sea Serpent system, and we’re confident that this will represent a significant utility to the U.S. and other allied navies in the future.”

Rob Capps, MIND’s President and Chief Executive Officer

About Sea Serpent ASW System​


Sea Serpent on the production line

MIND Technology Sea Serpent Towed Arrays, based on COTS Seismic Arrays, are applicable for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), and Waterside Security (WSS) applications.

According to the company brochure, the features of the system are as follows;

  • Advanced, stealthy, and extremely capable submarines are now readily available at low costs, bringing an offensive submarine capability to many more navies and even non-state actors
  • MIND’s rugged, field-proven, solid-state technology, coupled with unique in-house developed advanced processing, presents an industry-changing towed array ASW capability
  • Sea Serpent ASW system has been designed for rapid deployment from USV platforms or as a ‘clip-on’ capability to existing light- and medium-weight Coast Guard or Naval vessels
  • MIND Technology towed arrays are modular and scalable, with lengths from 50 m to over 12,000 m acoustic aperture available
  • Processing uses a scalable, app-based architecture and includes multiple beamforming options, as well as broadband, narrowband/LOFAR, and DEMON processing
  • Other apps will include Automatic Detection and Tracking (ADT) and Target Motion Analysis (TMA)
  • The architecture is fully open to allow third-party/government processing and supports private cloud operation for distributed tracking, multi-static processing, and data fusion


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