MTC 300 - The Brazilian Tomahawk Missile, Brazilian Cruise missile | SCBR |--SUBTITLED--|



MTC 300 - The Brazilian Tomahawk Missile, Brazilian Cruise missile | SCBR |--SUBTITLED--|

See the launch of the MTC 300, the Brazilian cruise tactical missile manufactured by AVIBRAS with national technology.

The MTC 300 missile, formerly called the AV TM 300, is part of the ASTROS 2020 system, an innovative artillery system manufactured by the national industry AVIBRAS in partnership with the Brazilian army.

As a comparison, we can call this the missile "Brazilian tomahawk", it is a tactical missile with Brazilian technology with a range of 300 km (it can have versions of greater range depending on the Warhead or the turbine technology) and 10 m of precision.

In this edition it is possible to see a launch of the missile MTC 300, a demonstration of the detonation of 500Kg of TNT (a destruction similar to 200Kg of explosive of the warhead of the missile) and launches of the tomahawk missile.

In the video, General Ivan Ferreira Neiva Filho and journalist Roberto Godoy demonstrate the importance of the Brazilian cruise missile.

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