NATO's largest military exercise Steadfast Defender 24 in Poland


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NATO began holding exercises Steadfast Defender 24, military maneuvers are now taking place in Poland. The video shows NATO troops crossing the Vistula; in three days, 3.5 thousand soldiers and several hundred pieces of military equipment were transported across the river. Leopard, Abrams, Leclerc tanks, Boxer and M2 Bradley fighting vehicles are used. Also, as part of the general maneuvers of the North Atlantic Alliance in Kozhenewo in northern Poland, the Dragon-24 exercise is taking place, in which about 20 thousand soldiers are involved.
The exercise will last four months and will involve 90,000 troops from 31 alliance member countries, 50 ships, 80 fighter jets and 1,110 combat vehicles, including 133 tanks and 533 infantry fighting vehicles. This is the largest NATO exercise since 1988. According to the exercise scenario, the deployment of troops in Europe and the simulation of a conflict scenario “with an almost equal enemy” are being practiced. The Bundeswehr will also conduct exercises, in which 12,000 troops will take part, as well as the 10th Panzer Division.


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