Air-Force Northrop Grumman initiates build for first Australian Triton


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Northrop Grumman has reached a major milestone in the future of Australia’s next-gen Air Force, initiating the build process for Australia’s first MQ-4C Triton, a game-changing unmanned maritime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft.

In a ceremony broadcast to a virtual audience, speakers from the Australian government, Royal Australian Air Force, US Congress, US Navy and Northrop Grumman emphasised the significance of this event.

Air Commodore Terry van Haren, the RAAF’s air attaché to the Australian embassy said, "The MQ-4C Triton will be a very important ISR capability for Australia. It is ideally suited for Australian operating conditions, given its high altitude, long endurance, and impressive sensor suite. The Royal Australian Air Force looks forward to operating the MQ-4C alongside its other ISR and response aircraft such as the P8A Poseidon." Australia is currently scheduled to receive their first ground control station in 2022 and their first of six to seven Triton air vehicles in 2023. Northrop Grumman is already building long lead items and is scheduled to begin building the airframe for Australia’s first air vehicle later this year. Remotely flying out of RAAF Edinburgh, South Australia, the Tritons are capable of monitoring 5.2 million square kilometres in a 24-hour mission and seamlessly flying a round trip for sustained surveillance and in support of allied freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea from the Northern Territory – increasing Australia’s interoperability with key allies, particularly the US.


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