PIT-RADWAR delivers more POPRAD mobile anti-aircraft missile systems to Polish Army

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The Polish company PIT-RADWAR has delivered more POPRAD mobile anti-aircraft missile systems to the Polish armed forces. This is the second batch of POPRAD received this year to the armed forces of Poland. The contract for the supply of POPRAD air defense missile systems to Poland was concluded in 2019, including the delivery of 79 units for a total amount of $278.7 million.

The Poprad is a mobile anti-aircraft missile defense system developed and manufactured by the Polish company PIT-RADWAR. For the Polish army, the system is based on the Zubr 4x4 armored vehicle developed by the Polish company AMZ-Kutno.

The missile launcher unit is mounted at the rear of the chassis and consists of four GROM missiles ready to fire. In road position, the missiles are lowered at the rear side of the vehicle and protected by armor plates. The vehicle can carry a total of eight missiles.

The GROM missile can hit a flying target at a distance from 400 m to 5.5 km and from an altitude of 10 m minimum to 4 km maximum. All the firing operations can be performed from inside of the crew cabin located at the front of the chassis. The POPRAD is operated by a crew of two including a commander and gunner/driver.

Standard equipment of the Poprad includes electro-optical sensors with a thermal camera and laser range finder, fire control equipment, land navigation and north alignment system, communication and data transmission equipment, and a power supply system with a power generator. An infrared (FLIR) camera has been used for target acquisition and tracking, enabling effective use of the system in day and night conditions.

Thanks to the use of a wheeled chassis, the Poprad offers high mobility and can be operated in all types of terrain. It can be also operated under both day and night lighting conditions.


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