Pro-Palestine supporters flood NYC streets



A large group of pro-Palestine supporters took to the streets in Sunnyside, Queens Saturday afternoon, in a demonstration that got testy at times, video shows.
At one point, a small contingent of the group surrounds a black car in the middle of the street and can be heard arguing with another unidentified group of people.
A young man briefly hops onto the truck of the car as several demonstrators throw water into the air out of bottles, and at least one plastic bottle is seen hurling through the air.
The majority of the crowd is heard reacting negatively to the animosity, which does not escalate into violence on the footage viewed by The Post, as a tall man with a bullhorn works to disperse agitators, and a man with his shirt off paces back and forth commanding people to “back the f–k up.”
Other footage shows large groups of peaceful protestors marching down the streets waving Palestinian flags and signs that read “Queens for Palestine” while chanting “Free Palestine.”
The NYPD said there were no reports of arrests.
The demonstration comes as both the Jewish and Muslim communities in New York and across the US remain on edge, following the deadly 11-day conflict in the West Bank that left some 250 people dead, mostly Palestinians.
A group of pro-Palestine supporters gather in Sunnyside, Queens on May 22,2021 for a demonstration.Youtube
Supporters of both Israel and Palestine clashed in Times Square Thursday as tensions in the Middle East spilled into the Crossroads of the World.
Dozens of people were taken in to custody for their roles in hate-fueled attacks, police said.
“It’s absolutely disgusting and unacceptable,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said of Thursday’s violence.
“We had a man viciously beaten simply because he appeared to some individuals to be Jewish. We had folks throwing very potent fireworks and creating harm to others and burning at least one person,” he continued. “This is unacceptable.”

I shot some if not most of the footage you see here

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