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Ukraine has quadrupled the production of the Stugna-P anti-tank missile system, this was announced by the Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine Alexander Kamyshin. The Stugna-P ATGM was adopted by the Ukrainian Army in 2011. We can say this is a successful development of the military industrial complex of Ukraine. The ATGM is exported under the name Skif; it is a Ukrainian-Belarusian development. The ATGM is equipped with a semi-automatic laser beam guidance system. It is also possible to control the rocket from a remote control from a closed position. The missile can be programmed to attack from above the target, from a height of 10 meters, or directly. When attacked from above, the missile may miss, American experts reported this to Forbes. The main advantage of the ATGM is the use of a wired remote control for the missile. The remote control allows the ATGM crew to work from a closed position via a television channel, this is convenient and the ATGM crew is safe. The ATGM flight range, when using 152 mm RK-2M-K missiles, is up to 5500 meters, penetration is up to 1100 mm of homogeneous steel. When using a 130 mm RK-2S missile, armor penetration is about 800 mm. The weight of the ATGM with the missile is 90 kg. The price of the Stugna-P ATGM is about 20 thousand dollars.

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