Surprise RAF Typhoon colours


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On 9 September 2020, the first Royal Air Force Typhoon in some special colourscheme was photographed at RAF Coningsby (UK). This type of colours has been seen on earlier occasions, but without the roundel and further markings. By then it seemed more or less a sort of primer.

It is assumed this Typhoon will be the first aggressor Typhoon for the RAF's IX(B) Squadron based at RAF Lossiemouth. According to the RAF, mentioned in a publication from June 2020, this newest Typhoon unit will get new facilities at RAF Lossiemouth. Their re-role from Tornado to Typhoon, and move from RAF Marham to RAF Lossiemouth, was announced in the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015.

The work on the new facilities will start around this period (or has already started) and is expected to take around two years. It will involve the refurbishment of an existing hangar and construction of new technical and storage facilities. Once fully established in their new facilities, IX(B) Squadron will be the RAF’s dedicated fourth-generation aggressors. This involves simulating the tactics, threats, and procedures of adversaries to create the best training environment for Royal Air Force pilots. While providing this essential training, the squadron will also be involved in quick reaction alert duties alongside 1(F) Squadron, II(AC) Squadron, and 6 Squadron.


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