Iran Tests of the Karrar tank of Iran have been completed, review


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Final tests of a simplified version of the Karrar tank, first shown in 2017, have passed in Iran. The tank was created by the Bani Hashem company on the basis of the Russian T-72S; it also uses the technical solutions of the T-90MS tank, which Iran previously wanted to buy, but could not for a number of reasons, as well as some design solutions of the American Abrams tanks. The Karrar tank has a laser range finder and an electro-optical fire control system. Despite the apparent similarity with Russian tanks, it has a different design of commander's panoramas and remote-controlled machine gun installations. Another tower and explosive reactive armor units. The Karrar tank can also be equipped with laser and radar irradiation warning sensors. The tank is equipped with a 125 mm smoothbore gun capable of firing anti-tank missiles. The tank can be equipped with a remote-controlled combat module with a 7.62 mm machine gun. The tank uses a carousel-type automatic loader. Tank weight 51 tons, crew 3 people, estimated engine power 1000 hp.


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