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The first footage from one of the 19 155-mm Caesar self-propelled guns transferred by Denmark to Ukraine on the Tatra T815 chassis has been published. In 2017, Denmark ordered these self-propelled guns from France, but the self-propelled guns could not be received for a long time, as they corrected defects associated with the gearbox, gun barrels and general design adjustments. On January 19, 2023, the Danish Minister of Defense announced that a decision had been made to transfer all 19 self-propelled guns to Ukraine. At the same time, the minister admitted that the ACS ordered by Denmark on the Tatra T815 chassis had structural defects, Ukraine was informed about this. Differences between the Danish CAESAR self-propelled guns on the Tatra T815 chassis and the French, an automated gun loading system and an armored cabin. The calculation of self-propelled guns was reduced from five to 3 people, the ammunition load was increased from 18 to 36 shells. The mass of self-propelled guns has increased from 18 to 32 tons. The Caesar 8x8 self-propelled guns are equipped with a 410 hp Tatra V8 engine.


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