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Put "one over" right......where's your substantiation of that eh? The simple fact is that the prime contractor expected to build a substantially smaller vessel in tonnage when they signed the combat package contract and the government years later bloated so the prime contractor has gone back to the government for more funds. In project management if the client continues to make changes that violates the budget then you are certainly in your rights to ask for more funds. You don't have to agree with it because you have your mind made up. Why do you think they are in contract talks right now? You are right nothing has been signed except for years of effort to design the ship, and agreements in place with all the suppliers to supply the systems. Systems are getting built for these ships right now BTW. The government has gone all in on these ships and they are getting produced despite what Pugliese, Hansen and what you say.
Put "one over" right......where's your substantiation of that eh?
No substantiation required on any opinion expressed. IMO, Irving should never have agreed to this program if they weren't prepared to build these ships before the design phase was completed. They must have known well before that these "Frigates" would naturally grow in tonnage because of the design process and should have accounted for that in their figures before accepting the governments requirements when they were selected as the CSC ship builders. Irving is not stupid, and they have no one to blame but themselves. It is far too far down the road for the government to pull out now, however, IMO the government should cut their losses and pull out of Irving and given the project to "another" NSS yard ASAP! The Canadian government also has much to be ashamed of as well. They have been asleep at the helm for far too long when it comes to shipbuilding. The government just does not know how to build naval ships! A few programs have maintained such as the AOPS and some Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) programs that have kept marginal pace at best. But we lost sight of what lays over the horizon when it comes to the Halifax class replacement program and the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) Frigates, the new AORs (JSS Protecteur class) which all seem to be well over budget and far behind schedule or still in the design phase. Not to mention the Polar class icebreaker (Diefenbaker class) acquisition for the CCG and where does the Victoria class submarine replacement program stand? The National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) seems to be just that. A "strategy" that does not seem to be “off-the-ground” as yet.👎
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