Chief of the General Staff outlines vision for British Army


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General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith said that the British Army must be ready “to fight war at its most feral”.​

General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith said that rapidly evolving and emerging technologies means the Army must change.

“Because soldiering has always been about evolution, and successful armies have always adapted to the changing context, threats and technology,” he said.

Gen Carleton-Smith outlined the strategic challenges of a world facing up to Covid-19, climate change, disinformation, economic coercion and technologically-enabled authoritarian regimes.

“The events of the last 18 months have prompted a timely re-appraisal of many of our priorities – strategic shocks tend to focus the mind. We’ve been reminded of the importance of thinking much more strategically and expansively about the relationship between defence, security and industry, about strategic resilience and the integrity of our strategic base in a much more volatile world.

Which is why what has emerged from the Review is a sharper, harder and more dangerous Army; a more dynamic and active global posture that leverages our network of overseas training hubs and delivers a more persistent international presence. And that means an Army that is more expeditionary and more rapidly deployable, with an emphasis on logistic sustainment; an Army that is more digitally connected and networked, and an Army that’s more specialist; and an Army that when it fights is more lethal, more mobile and much better protected.”

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