Egypt Egyptian Temsah 3 light 4x4 armored vehicle likely in mass production


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The vehicle is built on an HMMWV chassis and is powered by a 6.5-liter turbodiesel engine developing 205 hp at 3,200 rpm. The vehicle can reach 110 km/h and cover about 440 km on hard surface. The empty weight is 5,000 kg, with a 1,400 kg payload, which gives a gross weight of 6,500 kg.

With a ground clearance of 40 cm, the vehicle can face most of the current obstacles encountered when driving off-road. The ballistic protection is of level BR6. Anti-blast seats are optional. 7 gun ports offer self-defense possibilities to the 2 + 4-man crew. The vehicle is fitted with four external cameras, plus one night-vision camera.

A small turret armed with a light, medium or heavy machine gun is associated with a camera for night vision.

The Egyptian Ministry of Military Production had signed an agreement with AM General to produce the HMMWV Chassis locally. This step was taken to increase and boost the Egyptian locally-produced components in the indigenous armored vehicles, in particular the Temsah 3.


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