Greece HAF acquires advanced AGM-88E AARGM anti-radar missiles and AGM-84L Harpoon II anti-ship missiles for F-16V


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Our Air Force is making an unprecedented increase in its capabilities, with the purchase of advanced anti-ship missiles and anti-radar FMS programs. Yes, as we wrote many months ago, the PA will acquire AGM-84L Harpoon II anti-ship missiles, as well as AGM-88E AARGM anti-radar missiles.

Our information states that these programs are currently being passed by the competent committee of the Parliament, and close a huge operational requirement of the PA. TASMO missions will not only be carried out by PA Rafale F3R fighters with AM.39 missiles, but also by F-16Vs, with advanced AGM-84L Harpoon II missiles.

The shortage of these weapons became very pronounced in the 2020 Crisis, when the PA had to send 115PM F-16s with AGM-65G Maverick missiles to missions against ships. However, as the threats have multiplied, GEETHA wanted a capable weapon for naval strike missions. The AGM-84L Harpoon II is the most capable weapon in its class, certified in both existing F-16s and future F-16Vs (Taiwan certified it in its own).

The Greek F-16V of 115PM can perform missions armed with 2 x AGM-84 Harpoon II, 2 x 600 gal, 2 x AIM-120C7 and 2 x IRIS-T. Thus they can acquire the possibility of a naval strike, if not a naval ban, in almost the entire Eastern Mediterranean. From what we know, the quantity that will be purchased will be more than "satisfactory".

Along with this purchase, the PA will also acquire the advanced AGM-88E AARGM anti-radar missile. The existing AGM-88B, apart from being old now, are also "few" for the new threats in the area. The ultrasonic AGM-88E can hit radars that have "stopped" the broadcast, as well as mobile radars. It can also transmit an image of the target to the aircraft shortly before it hits it, allowing the pilot to know if the target was reached or not.

The AGM-88E is considered to have advanced naval radar strike capabilities, thus allowing the destruction of a ship's radar, taking it out of battle. It also has many capabilities to hit anti-aircraft artillery radars such as the S-400. Possible arrival of some AGM-88E along with SCALP EG cruise missiles and Rampage missiles, it will be very difficult to be intercepted by the enemy air defense. Apparently the PA has a plan to neutralize the S-400s.

The AGM-84L Harpoon II closes a gap of 35 years, from the receipt of the first Greek F-16C / D Block 30. Obviously the new leadership is not "joking" with them, and the PA acquires another missile, extremely capable and deadly for the neutralization of the enemy fleet.

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