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Background info may assist with grasping regional viewpoints. Indonesian people today have a heritage from their Majapahit empire of the 13th to 16th centuries. 'Indonesia' settled Madagascar Africa around the 8th century and Javanese ships reached the mid-Atlantic, as noted on the Fra Mauro map dated 1450. 'Ludovico di Varthema (1470-1517) stated that the Southern Javanese people sailed to 'far Southern lands' up to the point they arrived at an island where a day only lasted four hours long and was 'colder than in any part of the world'.
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p 249-251.
All days are longer than 4 hours north of the Antarctic peninsula but midwinter day is 4 hours at the peninsula tip (such as James Ross island) 64 degrees S. Ships can't sail further south

The first British colonists to arrive recorded seeing a wreck 'of ancient design' on Macquarie island. [paragraph 5].

A balangay-type boat, as sculpted at Borobudur Java, is painted in Wessel Islands, NT.
These boats voyaged across SE Asia.

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