Navy Iran to Equip Naval Forces with 3 New Vessels


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Iran to Equip Naval Forces with 3 New Vessels


TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Iranian Army Navy Rear Admiral Shahram Irani announced on Wednesday that 3 new vessels will join his forces in the near future.

Three new vessels will join the naval forces in the Northern and Southern waters of the country, Rear Admiral Irani said.

He added that the Navy has up-to-date equipment in the North and South fleets by building its vessels and equipment with the help of Iranian specialists and the knowledge-based companies.

Rear Admiral Irani pointed out that several vessels will join the fleets in both North and South fleets (in the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf), and added, "In the Northern fleet, the Damavand class destroyer with the latest equipment and technology is ready to operate."

He added the Jamaran class destroyer, the intelligence warship Talayeh which has a helicopter hangar and also the Fateh-class submarine will join the Southern naval fleet.

In relevant remarks last month, Rear Admiral Irani said that the sanctions imposed by enemies against the country have failed to impede progress of naval forces in developing different weapons and military systems.

Today, lifting or imposing sanctions in the military field has no value for Iranian people, Rear Admiral Irani told reporters in a press conference on the occasion of Navy Day in Iran.

He pointed to the salient achievements of the Navy, and said that Iran’s Navy Force is shining like a gem in the Persian Gulf region.

Apart from carrying out its maritime operation from Strait of Hormuz to North Persian Gulf, today, Iran’s Navy is carrying out very vital and sensitive operations in the depth of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea and has shown excellent maritime operation in line with bringing about security for the entire region and the world, he emphasized.

In response to a question on the impacts of sanctions on defense industries, Iran’s top navy commander said that benefitted from high potentials and capabilities, sanctions imposed against the country have not had any impact on Iran’s Navy Force.

He then pointed to the joint Zolfaqar-1400 drill recently held in the country, and said that Iran’s Navy managed to gain salient achievements in the drills in maritime sector successfully.

Rear Admiral Irani said that the Navy is an equipment-oriented, scientific-, political-, military- and international force, and stressed, “Accordingly, Iran’s Navy will unveil the most modern maritime equipment in the very near future in line with meeting the domestic demands and thwarting the future threats against the country.”

Regarding the capability of Iran Navy in producing advanced maritime equipment, he stated, “We will produce all kinds of maritime equipment and construction operations of Besat heavy submarine will start soon."


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