Launch of the Shahed-171 UAV. Drone production in Iran


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Iran published a video of the launch of the Shahed-171 UAV. And drone production in Iran. The Shahed-171 reconnaissance UAV was first shown in 2014. Presumably the body of the Shahed-171 drone is made of fiberglass, using stealth technology based on the American RQ-170 Sentinel UAV. The body of the Shahed-171 drone uses little radio-reflective materials; its surface, like that of the American B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, does not have rectangular protrusions. The Shahed-171 UAV is the first Iranian drone with a turbojet engine. The Shahed 171 drone has a take-off weight of up to 3070 kg and a maximum UAV flight range of up to 4400 km, at an altitude of up to 10900 meters. The drone's flight speed is up to 460 km/h. The drones are armed with Qaem adjustable bombs.


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