Ukraine Leopard 1 tanks of the Ukrainian army.


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Denmark and Germany will transfer 80 Leopard 1 tanks removed from storage to Ukraine, the tanks will arrive by June 1, and then the offensive of the Ukrainian army will apparently begin. Judging by the number, these tanks will soon be the main figures in military reports. The Leopard 1 tank began to be developed in 1956 by France and Germany, the French constantly reduced their participation in the development and the tank put into service in 1965 can be called German. The tank was designed for battles with Soviet T-55 and T-64 tanks at medium distances. Judging by open data, the tank's armor is weak and breaks through from short distances even with conventional infantry fighting vehicles and almost all types of anti-tank systems. The frontal armor of the tank is from 25 to 70 mm, for comparison, in the T-72M tank it is up to 410 mm. Perhaps in Ukraine, the armor of the tank will be reinforced with dynamic protection units. Based on this, the main strategy of the tank is to work from behind ambushes and from a long distance. The tank went through seven upgrades, the last one was in 1987, the tank received the A5 index, and Ukraine will receive this version. In 1994, 5 tanks met with three Serbian T-55 tanks, as a result of the battle, all T-55 tanks were damaged, one Leopard tank was damaged. Canadian versions of the Leopard 1 tank with reinforced composite armor were in the 2000s in Afghanistan, they were praised for their rate of fire and aiming accuracy, but were criticized by the engines due to erratic operation in dust and at high temperatures. The tank is equipped with a British L7A1 semi-automatic licensed 105 mm gun and, depending on modification, 7.62 or 12.7 mm machine guns. The crew of the tank is 4 people. Power plant with a capacity of 820 hp provides a maximum speed of up to 65 km / h with a power reserve of up to 600 km. Tank weight up to 42 tons.


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