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Then it shows they don't know difference between roket and füze. As you know Atmaca is not rocket neither uses rocket fuel. Atmaca is anti-ship missile with jet engine.


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KARAOK - Man Portable Short Range Anti-Tank Missile

TANOK - 120mm Laser Guided Missile



LACIN Guidance Kit and L-POD Data-Link pod

Star Tracked Navigation System (used in long range ballistic missiles)


"Tanok 120mm laser guided ATGM for tanks" great news!!! Entire tank inventory could level up thanks the ammunition. I adore it.


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New Generation Cruise Missiles SOM Product Family


Work on the serial production and development of different versions of the Stand-Off Missile (SOM), which has been developed as an air-to-ground/surface cruise missile to meet the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and those of friendly and allied nations, continues at full speed. The current members of the SOM product family are the SOM-A, SOM-B1 and SOM-B2 versions for use against ground targets, and the SOM-J version for use against naval targets. SOM-A and SOM-B1 feature a high explosive blast fragmentation warhead; SOM-B2 has a tandem penetrator warhead; and SOM-J has a semi-armor piercing warhead. The missile can select between missions based on pre-flight programming and it is possible to select the parameters used to hit the target.

The SOM product family, developed based on the most recent doctrines and technologies related to cruise missiles, stands out with its modular design, which supports the required operational flexibility for use against ground and naval targets with active protection.

The missile family is drawing attention by being lower in weight than its peers around the world and is becoming a center of attention at many international fairs. SOM has a range of 250+ kilometers compared to SOM-J’s 185+ kilometers. The missile is equipped with a new generation navigation system, and efforts are underway to transform it into a system that can be reprogrammed mid-flight by means of a data link and used in network centric warfare.

Roketsan conducted the first test firing of the SOM missile in 2011 and launched its serial production in 2013, which is continuing within the scope of the ongoing contracts. The most recent contract related to serial production was signed between the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and Roketsan in 2018, while negotiations are underway for the production of missiles in accordance with the President’s Second 100-day Action Program, made public in 2018.

The Defence Industry Executive Committee, decided in 2012 to launch the local development of precision-guided smart missiles, based on SOM, compatible with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) and the SSB subsequently appointed Roketsan as the contractor for the project, signing a contract in 2014. That same year, a cooperation agreement for the design, development, manufacture and marketing of JSF-Compatible Stand-Off Missile (SOM-J) was concluded with Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, followed by a contract signed in 2016. The F-35 integration is being carried out in collaboration with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Roketsan points out that the SOM product family will be making its mark in the coming period. “Our SOM product family is growing with members that will meet different requirements. High performance and cutting-edge technology continue to be the common hallmark of the family members, despite being designed for different missions. We believe that SOM, a solution that combines technology, performance and cost in a very balanced fashion, will gain popularity in the global markets in the future and we are continuing our development and promotional activities in that direction.”


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Another İdea for supply stop gap air defence missile ship and missile needs of Turkish Navy.

Maybe there is a option for making Quadpack Long Range Air Defence Missiles For Our Navy.

How :


Our gökdoğan missile have 65 km range. But Gürcan okumuş say we plan to increase him more bit. Just because missile have more capable for higher ranges.

Never mind if we accept him 65 km ranged, his possible weight will be around 100-110 kg and dimaeter is 160 mm and lenght is 3 meter around like mica's.


That's a kaplan missile. He's diameter is 230mm. He can carry 50 kg warhead + 50 kg around gps +ins + another things of first stage to 35 km range and 10-12.5 km alttitude after that thay freefall to the target. Hes total range is 70 km .

For ascending 12.5 km they spend 2 times more fuel than straitgh like all missiles. So his real range capacity with 100-120 kg first section is 35+25 = 60 km. Thats mean when we add him 100-120 kg gökdoğan missile and launch him this booster can ascend 20 km alttitude with his 40 km fuel capacity + he can go extra 20 km to target after them he will deattach from missile , first stage gökdoğan will go another 80 km = total 100 km range.

So thats mean we can locate to gabya's 8x vls launchers 32 long range missile + also they have 32 sm-1 who ranged 46 km for medium range. JUST BECAUSE MOST WİDER SECTİON OF MİSSİLE BOOSTER HAVE A 230MM DİAMETER. Not bad. Free aaw ship.

Also we can add 24x siper + 40 essm/g-40 to our barbaros mlu without any vlss add. İn barbaros mlu it would be great free aaw ship. Smart-s mk2 for long range s band + mar-d x band multi function radar and aselsan akr-d good for illumination radar.

Yes we can make a more capable missiles with g-40 base + kasırga but it's a good stop gap until we have min 32x vls loaded ships.

We need quadpack capability.
Dont forget mar-d x band range is 100 km, hmm sounds similar.


TRLG-230 missile hit the target with pinpoint accuracy. Video will be uploaded soon.
Is it possible to add IR guidance to this? I read in somewhere USA researched artillery rockets with cheap IR guidance since They aimed to produce cheap anti-ship missile.
Anyway great news , it could hit tanks with kinetic energy :)


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