Morocco Buys The Patriot Land-Air System To Be Deployed Against Algeria


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Morocco Buys The Patriot Land-Air System To Be Deployed Against Algeria​

Echoroukonline /English version: Dalila Henache

  • 2021/11/20
Morocco Buys The Patriot Land-Air System To Be Deployed Against Algeria

The US Pentagon approved a deal between Lockheed Martin and Morocco to supply an air defence system to be deployed on the border with Algeria.

The American company, Lockheed Martin, which is the largest producer of weapons in the world, confirmed that it had obtained the approval of the Pentagon to deliver Morocco the “Patriot” air defence system.

The “Inside Defense” website, which specializes in defence affairs, quoted the Vice President of Integrated Air and Missile Defense for Lockheed Martin, Scott Arnold, as saying; “A new PAC-3 MSE production line in Camden, AR, will be ready next year to support strong demand for the high-velocity hit-to-kill, surface-to-air missile”.

“We’re increasing our production rate up to 500 missiles a year to keep up with the demand domestically and internationally”, Arnold told Inside Defense Oct. 13 during the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference.

The website also indicated that Morocco will receive the Patriot Pac-3 MSE system in 2022, along with five other Arab countries, namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, and several countries in Europe and Asia as well.

A global news website 24happenings stated that the “US Department of Commerce officially announced, in December of last year during the Trump administration, that arms and military equipment agreements between Washington and Rabat include the “Patriot” land-air defence system”, capable of countering the threat of military aircraft and ballistic missiles, adding that “an agreement that was carried out during the administration of former President Donald Trump but required Pentagon approval to complete it”, which means that it was achieved after the current President Joe Biden assumed the presidency of the United States.

The approval of the United States Department of Defense came in the middle of the Polisario Front’s talks about currently waging a war against the Moroccan Occupation Forces in Western Sahara since Morocco intervened militarily to forcibly evict Sahrawi civilians from the gap Guerguerat illegally on November 13, 2020, but it also coincides with the high intensity of the Moroccan threats against Algeria, the last of which was the assassination of three Algerians.

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