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The Egyptian Air Force (EAF) is looking for a new training aircraft that lead students to fly their combat planes.

It is reported that Germany's Grob Aircraft is negotiating with the Egyptian government concerning the Grob G120TP turboprops. This is a logical step for the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) as they are familiar with the manufacturer and the predecessor of the G120TP, the G115EG. The EAF is using the G115 with the since the early 2000s when they got first deliveries of eighty of these basic trainers. The G115EGs are assigned to the 101 Training Wing with 3sq and 5sq at Bilbays air base (Egypt).

Besides Grob, the US firm Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is pitching their A-29 Super Tucano and they market the aircraft as a trainer as well as a light attack aircraft to replace the some fifty EMB312 Tucano's that were acquired by Egypt in the 1980s. The Tucano's are based as well at Bilbays but assigned to 201 Training Wing with 83sq, 84 and 85sq.

SMC says that the Super Tucano is able to replace the EMB312 as basic trainer as well as the slowly ageing over one hundred K-8Es in the inventory EAF as an advanced trainer. The massive EAF K-8 fleet is based at El Minya air base (Egypt) and assigned to the 201 Training Wing with 28sq and 29sq fast jet training squadrons. El Minya also houses the K-8E equipped Silver Stars display team.


To replace the K-8E, southern neighbour Italy is pitching the Leonardo M346 Master. Italy signed a USD 10 billion arms deal in 2020 with Egypt (among other equipment, two frigates will be delivered) and is now hoping the M346 could become an extension of that contract. Leonardo also sees options with the little Master, the M345. This new jet could replace the Tucano as well.

Another manufacturer that is eying for the replacement of the EAF K-8E fleet is Aero Vodochody, the Czech manufacturer offers the brand-new L-39NG. Aero Vodochody delivered a dozen L-39 Albatros' to the EAF in the early ninetees and is hoping to get advantage with this. As all L-39s of the EAF are withdrawn from use for many years, the chance in using the Albatros' as a selling point is decreasing for Czechia. The L-39NG is new and still has to prove itself on the international market. Only Senegal and a civil party in Portugal have ordered the L-39NG, while the M346 Master can already be seen as a great export success.

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There was news about a deal with italy including typhoons,M346 Master,naval corvettes and UAVS

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