Pakistan News Pakistan conduct successful flight test of Ababeel weapon system


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I wish Pakistan could use the propulsion system to advance rockets for not only military purpose, but civilian research as well.

We have yet to see the motor used to launch something like a satellite.

They are an anti-intellectual regime and doubling down on it. Story of Abdus Salam is just one example though a notable one.

It has metastasized to all kind of things now, while their peon keyboardwarrior equivalents spend millions of man hours typing up a storm attacking India in whichever typical spam way they have.... like say India subpar sporting performance relative to China (oh India "only wins 28 golds"), they end up winning zero golds, a silver and cpl bronzes in the recent asian games hosted by their "taller than mountains" best bosom friends.

But then they go strangely silent in holding themselves to same mirror first.

These same "friends" who donated these basic nukes and BM tech to begin with back when the GDP + power ratios were closer between them in cold war....but I guess cant stack any wins for them past basic psyche retention oriented ones anymore now. Its why they cant take anything further in any meaningful way. No one is really your friend in the end in geopolitics and even if they were, you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink.

These and all other divides will just keep growing. Its a pitiful psyche stuck in "severe client state + protect the anti-intellectual ruling class at all costs no matter how gaunt and dullardly we get" mode.

I just look forward to next sporting meet, science output churn, IP/patent output churn, economic output, investment, market cap and so on to chart our own progress and ignore the "stuck in failure mode unable to change basic thinking for a way out" types that keep slapping water and punching fists in the air regarding the love-hate they have with their khaki and political cabal.

There is no pact between lions and lambs, and these folks are far far away from Hector level of opponent anyway. Just sit back and watch what unfolds with time yourself.
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