Poland Pilica VSHORAD System Received by the Polish Armed Forces


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PGZ-PILICA consortium has handed off the first series-manufactured combined SAM/AAA Pilica system to the 35th Air Defence Missile Squadron.

The first series manufactured PSR-A Pilica system is the second system of this class operated by the Polish Armed Forces. The first, prototype system has been commissioned in the 37th Air Defence Missile Squadron based in Sochaczew. The PGZ-PILICA consortium is planning on deliveries of another 2, series-manufactured systems. Their primary role is to provide VSHORAD cover for medium and short range air defence systems, such as Patriot. A Pilica firing unit can engage targets at a distance of 6,5 km with Piorun missiles, and 2-3 km with 23 mm guns.

"The Technical Modernization Plan devised by the Polish Armed Forces assumes that a multi-layered IADS would be procured, tailored to act against the whole spectrum of air threats. At all levels of this system, the Polish defence industry remains in possession of competency and capabilities to deliver tailor-made solutions, meeting the requirements of our soldiers. The PSR-A Pilica system is using Grom/Piorun missiles, distinguished by their precision, lethality, and all-weather, day, and night capability" - Sebastian Chwałek, President of the Management Board at the PGZ Group


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