UK RFDEW radio frequency energy weapon


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UK RFDEW radio frequency weapons to combat UAVs. Britain has introduced radio frequency energy weapons to combat UAVs and jam enemy electronics. The new weapon is being developed by the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory "Dstl". A universal system called RFDEW (Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapon), is a radio frequency directed energy weapon. The complex emits radio waves and disables important electronic components of enemy vehicles and UAVs. The RFDEW system can be installed on a variety of vehicles and uses a mobile power source to generate pulses of radio frequency energy in the form of a beam. This beam can strike individual targets or expand the area of effect to all threats within its range. The RFDEW system is automated, operated by one person and is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 1 km, and work is currently underway to increase the operating range. An RFDEW beam costs just 10p to fire, making it significantly more cost effective than using traditional air defense systems.

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