Ukraine Storm Shadow/SCALP missile of the Ukrainian Army.


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To carry out the counteroffensive, Britain supplied Ukraine with Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles. The Anglo-French Storm Shadow cruise missile began to be developed in 1994 on the basis of the Apache cruise missile developed in France. The missile was put into service in 2001, the French version of the missile is designated by the abbreviation SCALP-EG. The missile is equipped with a turbojet engine and has a flight speed of up to 960 kilometers per hour. That is, the distance from Kyiv to Belgorod, it can fly in about 20 minutes. The missile was used in Iraq and Libya, the target destruction rate was 97% according to the Italian Air Force, it is worth noting that air defense almost did not work there. In 2018, it was reported that all eight missiles launched from Tornado aircraft were shot down by Syrian air defense forces, this information was denied by the Pentagon, but later the Russian Ministry of Defense showed fragments of missiles. The missile is programmed before launch, taking into account the air defense data and the target. The missile flies autonomously along the route to the target, at an altitude of 30-40 meters, guided by GPS data and cartography, close to the target, the missile gains altitude and then goes into a dive. Climbing is intended to achieve a higher probability of identifying the target with a thermographic camera, climbing may not be applied, but the accuracy of the missile is reduced. You should not expect any significant changes from the supply of missiles, like all cruise missiles, they are easy to shoot down if the area is covered by modern air defense systems, with luck, a cruise missile can even be shot down with MANPADS. The range of the rocket is approximately 560 km when launched from an aircraft, the mass of the rocket is 1300 kg, the mass of the warhead is 450 kg. The cost of the Storm Shadow missile is €850,000 as of 2011.

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