The Difference between Military and Commercial Shipbuilding


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I think many have this question at the back of their minds, "Why can't our local shipyards not also build Naval Vessel for the armed forces or coast guard".

It's a bit long read, but feel free to skip to page 51 and start from there to get a better understanding. I don't really know if the answer is sufficient as I imagine people like me will keep asking, what about the LDP types or other supply vessel, what about those and so on.

And some may think if you can build a oiltanker you can build a supply vessel as well. I guess everything can be used for a any purpose if you want it.

@Anmdt have you seen this one before ?

There is a cost comparison from p54 I was wondering if it was fairly accurate.

Meko A-100 would cost around aprox. 48 mio. usd (17,125 USD/T x 2700 T), which sounds insanely cheap imo.


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