Defence Q&A If the EU create its own army, Will that mean that is the end of NATO?


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After UK left the European Union, France began to play a more active role in the European Union. France, which acts as the decision making body of the European Union, follows an active foreign policy in many countries and carries out military operations with its army. France also makes serious attempts to establish a "EU Army" to support these policies. Germany is the silent side about this initiative.

You may remember that Macron said in a statement that NATO is a "brain dead" organization. The strong brothers of NATO UK and US seem to be disturbed by these attempts of France and it can be seen that the events that took place left traces in the perception of France within NATO. For example, France which tried to end the Turkish support in Libya with a military attitude, could not prevent Turkey and brought the events took place in the Eastern Mediterranean to NATO's agenda, but could not get a result. Finally, the 90 billion dollar submarine deal between Australia and France was canceled with the initiatives of the UK and US.

France's "EU Army" request and the recent developments seem to have caused discomfort in NATO. If France can establish a common European army, this will be a great success for French foreign policy in many ways, but I think it will have some consequences for NATO as well. I want our members to discuss this topic in this Q&A thread.




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The EU, which wants to be independent in defense, is preparing to accept the 'Strategic Compass'

Although the European Union (EU) is an important actor in world politics and economy with its 27 members, it cannot act independently of NATO and the USA in the fields of defense and security. The idea of "autonomous military power", which has been on the agenda for a long time in the Union, is more frequently discussed in times of crisis.

Some influential members such as France found NATO dysfunctional, the relations between the United States and the United States deteriorated under Donald Trump, Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea and its ongoing aggression, while the United States focused on the threat from China instead of Russia. developments have prompted the EU to work on concrete proposals for its own defence.

The EU started to prepare the operational defense guide called "Strategic Compass" in June 2020, first of all, threat analyzes were made.

With the withdrawal of NATO from Afghanistan after the USA, France being disabled in the submarine purchase agreement from Australia by the USA and England, and the "hybrid" threat from the Belarusian administration, the EU's attention once again turned to the Strategic Compass. .

The Strategic Compass draft, prepared by the EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell, includes 4 main elements. These are to strengthen the EU's role in crisis management, to develop its defense capabilities, to enable it to resist crises and to establish partnerships with third countries.

Borrell frequently states that the Strategic Compass "is not an alternative to NATO" and "will mean sharing the burden of the United States".

The most striking element in the document, which is planned to be finalized at the EU Leaders' Summit in March 2022, is the "rapid deployment force".

It is aimed that the said force can reach up to 5 thousand people, consist of land, air and sea units, and conduct regular exercises.

The decision to deploy the force, which can also be sent outside the EU borders, will be taken unanimously by 27 members, but not every member country will have to send personnel.

The force, which can be formed "in the form of coalitions" by a group of member states, will be modular to respond to different crises, including hybrid attacks against the EU.

The force is scheduled to be established by 2025.

"Europe in Danger"

Borrell, who wanted to draw attention to the importance of the Strategic Compass, shared on his Twitter account in the morning, "Europe is in danger. Strategic Compass offers suggestions for the EU to respond to this." used the phrase.

Borrell stated that the EU foreign and defense ministers he met at the beginning of the week gave a positive opinion on the draft document, adding that "The ministers are aware of the seriousness and urgency of the situation and are aware that things cannot go as usual." made its assessment.

Reiterating that the document will be adopted during France's EU presidency in March 2022, Borrell said in this year's traditional State of the Union speech of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that the EU needs a "Defence Union" and that the President of the European Council Charles Michel He reminded the rhetoric that "2022 will be the year of European defense".

Borrell emphasized that EU citizens have also declared in many opinion polls that they are in favor of the EU contributing more to both their own security and the world's.

"All the threats we face are intensifying and the capacity of member states to deal with them is diminishing." Borrell stated that it is necessary to focus on taking quick action, investing in technology and working with partners.

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