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Okay maybe a little more than 2 months. But the end result is the same.


This is govt-centric+executive approach on taking stock of gratitude.

That is never anything resembling a full picture, as one can see what the govts popularity with the people is right now (a little better but not by much compared to rajapaksa admin). After all have to see what the next election goes like to see if there is some alignment closer to the people.

India has several measures to tame and bring to heel SL govt scope to do this kind of thing, but it will take time and plenty of their own sparring with their people in the downstream to come.

India applying stick on the common people as well (squandering everything developed with them over a longer timeframe) would have been foolhardy and counterproductive...and only emboldened the sinhalese chauvinism elements+enablers to something less amenable to India mid and long term.

I think the balance was overall correct what India has employed here (and there need not be much more in the wait and see period w.r.t IMF)....if SL people want more than that, they know what to bring to bear on SL govt on their own time and dime.

India's people and govt can make this more apparent to them in reasonable instructive ways over time, but it will require discipline and patience....commensurate to India's size relative to SL.

Indian govt certainly must not be rash to apply things on SL people and their govt as some monolith (given their severe disconnect which will last a good long while now). Due diligence must be given to long term reposed in SL's people.

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