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One cannot but be impressed by what happens at higher echelons.

From the Major's account, we get an impression of the relative burden taken up by 311 Brigade under Brigadier Mishra, and of 73 Brigade. Repeatedly, 73 Brigade was found wanting, its Brigade Commander never able to get on top of the situation because he, like the Duke of Plaza Toro, led from the back, and 311 Brigade landed up doing all the work, because their Divisional Commander did not get time during the fast moving action to remove his non-functioning Brigadier.

That Brigadier went to reach 3 star rank, although his dismal performance was clear to all, including himself, and he bailed out on grounds of a non-existent family emergency once everybody reached Dhaka.

The other was the contrasting fate of Sagat Singh, IV Corps Corps Commander, who was the most effective leader of the three and a half columns selected to advance into East Pakistan. He did not progress further. There were complaints that his wife had been allowed to go to the front, after Dhaka fell. In contrast, Tappy Raina, a very brave soldier, and an officer injured in battle earlier, made a hash of the advance of his Corps, II Corps. Tajammul Husain Malik, the officer opposing II Corps, fought his vastly superior opponents to a standstill. If I remember correctly, he was the only Pakistani officer serving in East Pakistan in 1971 who subsequent to repatriation got a promotion.

While Sagat Singh got nowhere, Tappy Raina became Chief of Army Staff.

Che sera, sera.

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