Possible coup in Armenia


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Don't feel sorry for him. "new wars for new lands", "treaty of sevres the basis for the armenian state", "Turkey committing a new genocide", "Pakistan sending terrorists to fight" He's an evil racist little man that deserved to get humiliated and crushed in a war he started.

Dancing in Shushi to insult the Azeri people and the million they chased from their homes. Celebrating the armenian genocide of the peaceful Azeri people.

He deserves everything he gets and what a desperate political clown that even after losing a war he clings to power.
Nobody is saying you can't find some enjoyment in seeing someone having their just due (karma)

What I'm saying is that the Armenians just conveniently used the guy as scapegoat for the outcome of the war and blaming him for everything wrong with Armenia despite him being only in power for 2 years, inherited a completely corrupt nation & have to share power with the same people that makes Armenia corrupt in the 1st place.

This is just Lynching pure and simple. They just want to blame Nikol for everything so they don't have to face the fact that they lost and admit it.


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Armenians have always been used as a proxy by Russia for centuries.

The Russians expanding into the Caucasus and Central Asia. The armenians played a big role in Russian expansion especially in the caucasus.

This is why many peoples in the Caucasus like the Azerbaijanis, Georgian, Circassians, Avars, Kumyks and Chechens all hate the Armenians because the Armenians are the ones who opened the gates for the Russians.

That why you dont hear of any armenian resistance against the Russians because they gladly gave their asses to them.

The Russian ultimately is Armenia's true enemy. But Armenians themselves bring their own downfall for falling for such tricks. A similar thing happens with kurdish pkk types who fall for western lies to attack Turks.
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