Army Renewal of the Belgian Truck Fleet


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The contract provisionally concluded with DAF Trucks on 9 December 2020 could be put into effect after the objection of a competitor was rejected. Under its terms, the Belgian Armed Forces will receive a total of 879 light and heavy trucks, some with protected cabs, for the army and the medical forces from 2022. The new vehicles will replace Mercedes Unimog and Volvo trucks that are 20 to 30 years old.

Of 636 light trucks with 4×4 chassis, 410 are intended for the transport of small containers and 226 vehicles are supplied with a superstructure, 52 of which have a crane. Of the 243 heavy 8×8 trucks, 171 are equipped for the transport of containers while 52 come with a flatbed and crane with 20 designed as tippers.

The DAF trucks are equipped with a Tatra chassis. The cabin offers space for three crew members and has room for the integration of all radio equipment. When transporting a 20-foot sea container, the vehicle height remains below four metres. All versions will have the same cabin (armoured or unarmoured) and the same 4×4 or 8×8 chassis.

Production of the cabs for the military trucks will take place at the DAF cab plant in Westerlo, Belgium. The engines come from the DAF engine plant in Eindhoven, and the chassis are produced by Tatra in the Czech Republic.

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It's worth noting that local production of cabs and engines adds an element of domestic manufacturing, which can have positive economic impacts.

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