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      --Light Tanks--
         KAPLAN MT
      --Main Battle Tanks--
      --Tracked Artillery--
         T-155 Fırtına
         T-155 Fırtına- II
      --Tracked IFV--
      --Tracked SPAAG--
      --Wheeled Artillery--
      --Wheeled IFV--
         PARS III 8x8
      --Wheeled SPAAG--
      Akrep II
      Amphibious Tanks
      Cobra I
      Cobra II
      Derman 8X8
      Ejder Yalcin 4x4
      HIZIR 4X4
      Kirpi I-II
      Medium Tanks
      NMS Yörük
      PARS 4x4 Anti Tank
      Seyit 8X8
         Bayraktar Class
         TCG Anadolu
         TCG Alemdar
         TCG Işın & Akın
         Dost Class
      --Combat Boats--
         Mark V SOC
         MRTP 22/U SOC
         MRTP 24/U SOC
         MRTP 33
         PT. Lundin Tankboat
      --Combat Crafts--
         Kılıç Class
         Klewang Class
         Serhet Class
         Tuzla Class
      --Combat Vessels--
         Ada Class
         Barbaros Class
         Diponegoro Class
         Istanbul Class
         Jinnah Class
         Martadinata Class
         Turkmen Class
         MRTP 24 FAB
      --Special Vessels--
         TCG Ufuk
         Jang Bogo Class
         Preveze Class
         Reis Class
      MALE UAVs
         Bayraktar TB2
         TAI Aksungur
         TAI Anka
  • Arma
    Role: Armoured Combat Vehicle
    Nation of Origin: Turkey
    Designer: Otokar
    Weight: Up to 27000 kg
    Length: 7900 mm
    Width: 2900 mm
    Height: 2300 mm
    Turret type:
    Crew: Up to 14, including driver and commander
    Engine: Turbo charged diesel engine From 450 HP to 700 HP
    Main armament: 12.7 mm or 7.62 mm
    Secondary Armament/s:
    Protection: STANAG 4569 Level II
    Suspension: Fully Independent suspension with hydro-pneumatic struts on each wheel or Fully independent suspension with telescopic type shock absorber & helical spring
    Operational Range: 700 km
    Maximum Speed: >100 km/h

    Arma is 6x6 and 8x8 amphibious wheeled armoured combat vehicle family designed and developed by Otokar. The vehicle is a modular multi-wheel configurable with high level of ballistic and mine protection due to its high hardness monocoque steel hull.

    Otokar developed the vehicle to target the Turkish Land Forces’ Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle (Özel Maksatlı Taktik Tekerlekli Zırhlı Araç, ÖMTTZA) project. It is competing against two other vehicles in the shape of FNSS[clarification needed] Defence Systems’ Pars and HEMA Endustri's Anafarta, a variant of Patria's 6×6 Armoured Modular Vehicle. Turkish Land Forces are expected to make a selection for its OMTTZA requirement by mid-2010 and subsequently procure 336 vehicles in a variety of versions: 30 for NBC[clarification needed] reconnaissance, 36 radar carriers, 108 sensor carriers, 39 command vehicles and 108 fire-support vehicles, which could be armed with a manually operated 20 mm cannon. Mobility tests with prototypes to date have included around 10,000 km of running over varied terrain.

    Arma Production Line

    Otokar presented the first time to the public the Arma wheeled armoured vehicle at Eurosatory 2010. The Arma is the latest product of Otokar's design and development studies and a proof of Otokar's ability to leverage its engineering, manufacturing and expertise across a large portfolio of armoured tactical vehicles. Arma is a new product family within the Otokar's the tactical wheeled armoured vehicle range with modular multi-wheel configuration. Arma vehicle platform with superior tactical and technical features will be an outstanding and cost effective product among competitive products. Thanks to the high level of ballistic and mine protection as well as, the outstanding design allowing the integration of various types of weapon stations and mission equipment, Arma will be an adaptable platform for evolving mission needs in a modern battlefield. Arma vehicle's development started in 2007 as a company funded development project for home and export markets.

    Development studies from concept design till the end of test phases including qualification and validation processes, detailed design, computer aided engineering studies, are performed by Otokar. Arma 6x6 is ready for full-scale production and the family will be complemented by an 8x8 version late in 2010. In 2010, Turkish leading land systems manufacturer, Otokar received the first contract for its new 6x6 tactical armoured vehicle Arma from abroad. The contract is valued in excess of $10.6 million including the vehicles, spare parts and training. Deliveries under this contract award are expected to be completed in 15 months. In June 2011, Otokar has been awarded a $63.2 million second contract for its new 6x6 tactical armoured vehicle Arma.



    In 2016, Otokar teamed up with Emirati company Al Jasoor to develop a new 8x8 vehicle for the United Arab Emirates Army. Al Jasoor, which is a joint company between Otokar UAE (49%) and Tawazun Holdings (51%), was established to create and develop a unique variant based on the Arma 8x8 called Rabdan in the United Arab Emirates. The Rabdan was created to replace the United Arab Emirates Army BMP-3 Infantry fighting vehicles. Al Jasoor Rabdan and Otokar Arma are different in multiple ways. The Rabdan is heavier at 28 tons (vs Arma 24 tons) and has a length and width of 15 cm and 55 cm. The Rabdan also provides a small arms fie protection of up to STANAG 4569 Level 4 and mine blast protection of up to STANAG Level 4a and Level 4b.

    Since the Rabdan was created to replace the BMP-3, the BMP-3 turrets are also configurable on the Rabdan and the Rabdan is equipped with 100-mm 2A70 semi-automatic rifled gun, 30 mm 2A72 cannon, and 7.62 mm machine gun.

    Al Jasoor is expected to produce up to 700 Rabdan's for $661 million for the United Arab Emirates Army.


    The first prototype of the Arma is equipped with a circle ring support, armed with a single 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. A tank destroyer variant sporting a 105mm cannon has also been exhibited. The Arma could probably be equipped a large with a range of manned and remote weapons stations.



    No details have been released on its ballistic protection, but since it is required to be amphibious, armouring is not expected to exceed STANAG 4569 Level II, but its relatively high 425 mm ground clearance should help achieve mine protection to Level IIIB or higher. Arma's ballistic and anti-mine protection is provided by high hardness monocoque steel hull and all personnel is seated on anti- mine seats.


    The Arma 6x6 is motorised with a 450 hp water-cooled turbo diesel capable of running on F-34 or F-54 fuel drives the wheels through an automatic gearbox and single-speed transfer box, giving it a top speed of 105 km/h and a power/weight ratio of 24.3 hp/tonne. This also powers the onboard 24 V direct currentDC electrical system, which incorporates two maintenance-free 125 Ah batteries and a 3.3 kW converter. Arma's front two axles are steerable enabling it to make a turning radius of 7.85 m and the vehicle rides on independent hydropneumatic suspension, offering respectable off-road mobility and comfort. It can negotiate 45-degree approach and departure angles leading onto 60 per cent inclines and 30 per cent side-slopes. It can also cross 1.2 m-wide trenches and climb over 60 cm obstacles.

    Bahreyn Arma 6X6


    The Arma can be transported by a C-130 plane. Standard equipment of Arma 6x6 includes NBC protection system and air conditioning. Arma can be driven in 6x6 or 6x4 modes depending upon the terrain conditions. The vehicle is amphibious and driven by two hydraulically driven propellers in water, allowing a high seagoing performance with a pivot turn capability.


    Rabdan 8X8


    • 23px-Flag_of_Bahrain.svg.png
      Bahrain In 2010, Bahrain procured 73 units for $74 million.
    • 23px-Flag_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates.svg.png
      United Arab Emirates in 2017 400, Rabdan variants delivered to United Arab Emirates Army. 700 planned
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