Seyit 8X8

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  • Seyit 8X8
    Role: Multi-Purpose 8×8
    Nation of Origin: Turkey
    Designer: Anadolu Isuzu/Tatra
    Weight: 46.000 kg
    Width: 2.550 mm
    Height: 3.448 mm
    Turret type:
    Crew: 2+1
    Engine: Cummis ISXe 600 30
    Main armament:
    Secondary Armament/s:
    Protection: STANAG 4569 Level 2 - Level 3
    Suspension: independent suspension half axles
    Operational Range: 1000 km
    Maximum Speed: 110 km/h

    One of the leading manufacturers of the commercial vehicle sector, Anadolu Isuzu, carries its know-how and assertiveness in the Defence industry under the brand “Anadolu Savunma”. Anadolu Isuzu revealed its heavy trucks towards military utilization developed under the brand “Anadolu Savunma” for the first time at IDEF’ 19. At the Fair, the 8x8 tank carrier vehicle, 8x8 tactical wheeled vehicle and 4x4 tactical wheeled vehicle models named “SEYİT” were introduced. The 8x8 Partially Mine Resistant Recovery Vehicle designed especially for diffracted heavy armored vehicles with Anadolu Isuzu’s infrastructural facilities was displayed at the stand of MPG Makina İmalat San. ve Tic. A.Ş. President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN visited Anadolu Isuzu’s stand and received information on the indigenous and national Seyit product group.

    Anadolu Isuzu company conducted exports of US$ 109 Million in 2018 and aims to double its exports until 2023. The SEYİT Military Truck Product Group of the company displayed at IDEF’ 19 for the first time was named after Seyit Onbaşı (Corporal Seyit) who was one of the heroes of the Çanakkale Victory. The SEYİT Military Truck Product Group was revealed as a result of the partnership between Anadolu Savunma and Czech Tatra Group. Support regarding infrastructure was received from Tatra but the design of the vehicles, the armored cabin being at the first place, were conducted completely by Turkish engineers at Anadolu Isuzu’s R&D Center. Designed in a way to enable operation under very challenging circumstances and tough geographical conditions, SEYİT series vehicles can be manufactured in different configurations ranging from 8x8 to 20x20 and with various engine alternatives.

    One of the companies competing for the 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12 Wheeled Tank Transporter, Container Transporter and Recovery Vehicle Project launched by the Land Platforms Department of the SSB, Anadolu Isuzu placed its proposal to the SSB on 16 April 2018. Within the scope of the Project, a total of 476 vehicles composed of 134 Tank Transporter Vehicles (TTV), 65 DROPS Container Transporter Vehicles and 277 Recovery Vehicles will be procured. Anadolu Isuzu signed a Sub Contractor Contract with a total value of US$ 4,580 Million (VAT excluded) with the MPG Makina İmalat San. ve Tic. A.Ş. as part of the Partially Mine Resistant Recovery Vehicles Project and on 10 May 2019 the company notified the Public Disclosure Platform of the fact that the contract value reached US$ 13,312 Million (VAT excluded) as a result of the additional firm orders it received. According to the aforementioned contract, the deliveries will be made in lots until the end of 2019. Anadolu Isuzu will also deliver 8x8 tactical wheeled vehicles to fulfil TAF’s demands as part of the project being executed by the SSB and Aselsan. To this end, a Sub Contractor Contract with the value of EUR 4,598.400 Million (VAT excluded) was signed by Anadolu Isuzu/Savunma and Aselsan on 2 May 2019. The vehicles are planned to be delivered in lots by 2022.


    Displayed at Anadolu Isuzu’s stand at the Fair, capable of operating with the 8x8 traction system under all types of land conditions, the SEYİT 8x8 Tank Transporter Vehicle (TTV) stands out with its towing capacity of 70,000 kg. This 8x8 tank transporter vehicle with the climbing ability at the slopes inclined over 30%. The vehicle is able to reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h. SEYİT TTV features a Cummins X15 99EPA 600 engine and capable of generating 600 hp power and maximum 2.770 Nm torque with the engine volume of 14,9 lt. SEYİT 8x8 tank transporter vehicle can easily pass through 1,100 mm deep water and has a range of 800 km. Accomplished by Anadolu Isuzu R&D engineers, the cabin of the tank transporter vehicle could also be manufactured alternatively in the armored configuration and the cabin is capable of providing STANAG 4569 Level 2 and Level 3 Ballistic Protection. The SEYİT 8x8 Tank Transporter Vehicle draws attention as the only indigenously manufactured vehicle in its class that contains all the features capable of fulfilling the demands of modern armies, the Turkish Armed Forces being in the first place.


    IDEF 2019

    The task equipment of the 8x8 Partially Mine Resistant Recovery Vehicle displayed at IDEF’ 19 by MPG Makina İmalat San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was designed by MPG Makina. This vehicle is capable of successfully performing the tasks under tough land and road conditions and was manufactured in a way to be able to recover the malfunctioned large tonnage vehicles and armored vehicles. Weighing 43,000 kg, the Partially Mine Resistant Recovery Vehicle features a climbing ability of 60% inclination, and it is capable of passing 1,100 mm deep waters as well. Featuring a 14,9 lt volume with the Cummins X15 99EPA 600 engine, the 8x8 partially mine resistant recovery vehicle has 600hp and it can reach a speed of 80 km/h. With a range over 500 km, the aforementioned vehicle will be included to the inventory soon and start to operate in the TAF.


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