TCG Ufuk

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      --Light Tanks--
         KAPLAN MT
      --Main Battle Tanks--
      --Tracked Artillery--
         T-155 Fırtına
         T-155 Fırtına- II
      --Tracked IFV--
      --Tracked SPAAG--
      --Wheeled Artillery--
      --Wheeled IFV--
         PARS III 8x8
      --Wheeled SPAAG--
      Akrep II
      Amphibious Tanks
      Cobra I
      Cobra II
      Derman 8X8
      Ejder Yalcin 4x4
      HIZIR 4X4
      Kirpi I-II
      Medium Tanks
      NMS Yörük
      PARS 4x4 Anti Tank
      Seyit 8X8
         Bayraktar Class
         TCG Anadolu
         TCG Alemdar
         TCG Işın & Akın
         Dost Class
      --Combat Boats--
         Mark V SOC
         MRTP 22/U SOC
         MRTP 24/U SOC
         MRTP 33
         PT. Lundin Tankboat
      --Combat Crafts--
         Kılıç Class
         Klewang Class
         Serhet Class
         Tuzla Class
      --Combat Vessels--
         Ada Class
         Barbaros Class
         Diponegoro Class
         Istanbul Class
         Jinnah Class
         Martadinata Class
         Turkmen Class
         MRTP 24 FAB
      --Special Vessels--
         TCG Ufuk
         Jang Bogo Class
         Preveze Class
         Reis Class
      MALE UAVs
         Bayraktar TB2
         TAI Aksungur
         TAI Anka
  • TCG Ufuk
    Role: SIGINT, ELINT, COMINT, Telemetry, Tracking and Test
    Nation of Origin: Turkey
    Designer: Milgem DPO, Turkish Navy Armerkom, STM
    Builder: SNR Holding Istanbul Shipyard
    Built: 2017
    In Service: 2021-
    Number Built: 1
    Installed Power: N/A
    Propulsion: 2 x Variable Pitch Propeller
    Range: N/A, Enurance 45 Days
    Length: 99.6
    Beam: 14.4
    Draft: 3.6
    Hull Material: Naval grade construction steel
    Complement: N/A
    Armament& Weapon systems
    Main armament: None
    Secondary Armament/s: Machine gun (mount point available)
    Sensors: Intelligence gathering sensors
    S band Surface Search Radar (FCMW)
    Navigational Radar
    Electronic Warfare & Decoys: None
    Aviation Capabilities: VERTEG, Helicopter platform up to 10 tonnes.
    Aircrafts carried: VTOL Drone
    Storage Capacity: N/A
    Special Equipment: Many
    Special Crew: MIT (Turkish National Intelligence)


    With the contract signed between the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Presidency of Defence Industries and our company on December 30, 2016, the first works on the Test and Training Ship project, of which we are the main contractor, were started in May 2017.

    After the completion of the construction process in the Istanbul Naval Shipyard, the Test and Training Ship TCG Ufuk (A-591) was launched with a ceremony held on February 9, 2019. The ship is planned to be used in the testing and training needs as well as signal and electronic intelligence missions of the Turkish Naval Forces. The Test and Training Ship TCG Ufuk (A-591), designed using the hull form of MİLGEM Ada Class Corvette, can navigate for 45 days without interruption in harsh climatic and marine conditions, including international waters.

    The ship, which will be the first intelligence ship in Turkey, is projected to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces Command in 2020 with 99.5 meters of overall length, 14.4 meters of maximum width, 2,400 tons of displacement and 3.6 meters of draft, and the necessary platform for a 10-ton helicopter.
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