T-155 Fırtına- II

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      --Light Tanks--
         KAPLAN MT
      --Main Battle Tanks--
      --Tracked Artillery--
         T-155 Fırtına
         T-155 Fırtına- II
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      --Wheeled IFV--
         PARS III 8x8
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      NMS Yörük
      PARS 4x4 Anti Tank
      Seyit 8X8
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         TCG Anadolu
         TCG Alemdar
         TCG Işın & Akın
         Dost Class
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         PT. Lundin Tankboat
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         Istanbul Class
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         Turkmen Class
         MRTP 24 FAB
      --Special Vessels--
         TCG Ufuk
         Jang Bogo Class
         Preveze Class
         Reis Class
      MALE UAVs
         Bayraktar TB2
         TAI Aksungur
         TAI Anka
  • T-155 Fırtına
    Role: Self-Propelled Howitzer
    Nation of Origin: Republic of Korea and Turkey
    Designer: Hanwha Systems/Army Maintenance Center Command
    Weight: 56 tons
    Length: 12 m
    Width: 3.5 m
    Height: 3.43 m
    Turret type: Artillery Gun
    Crew: 5 (commander, driver, gunner, 2 loaders)
    Engine: MTU-881 KA 500 power packc 1000+ hp
    Main armament: 155 mm L52 Artillery Gun
    Secondary Armament/s: 12.7 mm Aselsan Sarp RCWS
    Suspension: HSU
    Operational Range: 480 km
    Maximum Speed: 66 km/h

    Developed over the existing 281 FIRTINA-I SPHs, the FIRTINA-II SPH features some improvements over its predecessor including the new turret design with propellant conditioning unit, fully electrical and servo controlled turret & gun aiming and drive system (replacing a hydraulics based drive system), improved Fire Control System, increased firing rate, extended effective range, fully automatic ammunition loading system (FIRTINA-I is equipped with electrically driven and an electronically controlled automatic ammunition loading system) and integrated with Aselsan’s 12,7mm SARP RCWS for self-protection. The high degree of automation allows FIRTINA-II to react in a shorter timeframe to execute its mission, with reduced manpower. After receiving the fire command, FIRTINA-II is able to fire on target within 30 seconds, to complete the fire mission and to relocate in 90 seconds.


    Fırtına II

    Operated by a crew of five, the 155/52 calibre T-155 FIRTINA-II SPH has a maximum firing rate of up to eight rounds per minute thanks to its automatic shell loading system. The maximum range of the 155/52-calibre gun is 18km with M107 (HE), 30km with M549A1 RAP (HE) and 40+km with MKEK/Roketsan MOD 274 HE ER ammunition. The FIRTINA-II SPH’s 52 calibre ordnance is capable to use all NATO standard ammunition. In order to meet the Turkish Army’s long range HE type artillery munitions requirement, MKEK in cooperation with Roketsan (responsible for the base bleed unit of the ammunition), developed MOD 274 HE extended range (ER) 15mm 52 calibre artillery ammunition and received a contract for the delivery of the first batch of 5,020 MOD 274 ammunitions at the end of 2014. In 2017 follow on orders for an additional 9,000 (2,000 + 7,000) MOD 274 HE artillery ammunition were awarded.

    The T-155 FIRTINA-I and FIRTINA-II SPH prototypes are powered by German MTU-881 KA 500 1,000hp diesel engine coupled with Allison’s X1100-5 fully automatic transmission built in South Korea under Allison license. However, during IDEF ‘19 a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed between Caterpillar Defence UK and the Turkish MoND for the development of a new diesel engine, to be based on the core of Caterpillar Defence UK’s existing diesel engine but will be developed with the participation of 1st Main Maintenance Factory Directorate engineers to meet FIRTINA-II-specific requirements and it will be an ITAR Free product so as to not face any export license problems as in the case with MTU’s MTU-881 KA 500 engine. The development of a new V12 type 1,200hp diesel engine will take place at the 1st Main Maintenance Factory Directorate in Arifiye, Adapazari. The new engine will be coupled with Allison’s X1100-5 fully automatic transmission because according to Caterpillar Defence UK officials the Turkish end user is happy with the existing transmission.

    Meanwhile, speaking at the Aselsan Union of Forces Summit held on February 5, 2019 at the ATO Congresium Center in Ankara, Turkish MoND Hulusi AKAR, formerly Chief of the Turkish General Staff, disclosed that Turkey has recently signed a contract with Qatar for the sale of FIRTINA Self Propelled Howitzers (SPHs). MoND AKAR did not share any figures regarding the number of FIRTINA SPHs to be delivered to the Qatar Emiri Armed Forces (QAAF). It is believed that the contract covers New Generation FIRTINA (also dubbed FIRTINA-II) SPHs, which are under production at the 1st Main Maintenance Factory Directorate located in the Sakarya province of northwest Turkey. In October 2018 it was reported that after receiving assurance that there would be no export restrictions, state-owned Machines and Chemical Industries Board (MKEK) signed a contract to procure 20 powerpacks (including 5TDFMA-1 engines) from UkrOboronProm (Ukrainian Government’s Defense Industry Enterprise) for the FIRTINA-II SPHs. Probably these 20 powerpacks would be installed in the QAAF’s FIRTINA-II SPHs.


    The FIRTINA Howitzer, one of the most important weapon system for Fire Support Automation System (FSAS) of the Turkish Armed Forces, significantly enhances the firepower of Turkish Artillery. “T-155 Self Propelled FIRTINA Howitzer Next Generation Fire Control System” combines fire control with fire direction and provides capability for rapid deployment, repositioning, preparation for firing, computerized fire management/control and integration to other fire support systems digitally in order to perform the missions fast, accurately and effectively. Fire Control System is comprised of units that are responsible for the processes that begin with a fire command via voice or data communication until the bullets leave the barrel. FIRTINA Howitzers have fulfilled many missions successfully to date. Next Generation Fire Control System” has been designed by ASELSAN with the new units and skills in compliance with the state of the art technologies and field experience of National Artillery Troops.

    System Units

    • Ballistic Computer
    •  Inertial Navigation System
    •  Muzzle Velocity Radar
    •  Automatic Gun Barrel and Turret Drive System
    •  Automatic Projectile Loading System
    •  Ammunition Magazine System ®
    •  SARP Remote Control Weapon System
    •  Consoles for Commander, Gunner, Loader and Driver
    •  Day & Night Vision Driving System
    •  Automatic Gun Travel Lock
    •  Propellant Conditioning Unit
    •  Slip Ring  Auxiliary Power Unit
    •  Air Conditioning Unit
    •  Power Distribution Unit Skills
    •  Fully-automated electrically driven servo-controlled gun and turret system with high speed and precision
    •  Automatic projectile handling and loading system
    •  12,7 mm machine gun and 155 mm main gun for direct firing both day & night
    •  Execution of all artillery missions; including time on target, fire for effect, precision registration fire and direct fire.
    •  Automatic measurement of gunpowder temperature and inclusion in ballistic calculations.
    •  Enhanced Situational Awareness with Crewmans' consoles
    •  Rapid deployment and repositioning
    •  Quicker stabilization between firing
    •  Rapid & accurate ballistic calculation using “NATO Armament Ballistic Kernel (NABK)”
    •  Digital communication and interoperability with C4I System
    •  Colorful graphical and touch screen user interface with taskoriented and menu control.
    •  Safe Driving with day and night vision system.

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