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      --Light Tanks--
         KAPLAN MT
      --Main Battle Tanks--
      --Tracked Artillery--
         T-155 Fırtına
         T-155 Fırtına- II
      --Tracked IFV--
      --Tracked SPAAG--
      --Wheeled Artillery--
      --Wheeled IFV--
         PARS III 8x8
      --Wheeled SPAAG--
      Akrep II
      Amphibious Tanks
      Cobra I
      Cobra II
      Derman 8X8
      Ejder Yalcin 4x4
      HIZIR 4X4
      Kirpi I-II
      Medium Tanks
      NMS Yörük
      PARS 4x4 Anti Tank
      Seyit 8X8
         Bayraktar Class
         TCG Anadolu
         TCG Alemdar
         TCG Işın & Akın
         Dost Class
      --Combat Boats--
         Mark V SOC
         MRTP 22/U SOC
         MRTP 24/U SOC
         MRTP 33
         PT. Lundin Tankboat
      --Combat Crafts--
         Kılıç Class
         Klewang Class
         Serhet Class
         Tuzla Class
      --Combat Vessels--
         Ada Class
         Barbaros Class
         Diponegoro Class
         Istanbul Class
         Jinnah Class
         Martadinata Class
         Turkmen Class
         MRTP 24 FAB
      --Special Vessels--
         TCG Ufuk
         Jang Bogo Class
         Preveze Class
         Reis Class
      MALE UAVs
         Bayraktar TB2
         TAI Aksungur
         TAI Anka
  • Kaplan MT
    Role: Medium Tank
    Nation of Origin: Turkey
    Designer: FNSS
    Weight: 30 tonnes
    Length: 9.10 m
    Width: 3.36 m
    Height: 2.45 m
    Turret type:
    Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner and Commander)
    Engine: Diesel
    Main armament: CMI Cockerill® 3105 105 mm
    Secondary Armament/s:
    7.62 mm or 12.7 mm Coaxial Machine Gun
    Option: Roof-mounted remote weapon station or pintle-mounted Machine Gun
    Smoke Grenade Launchers
    Protection: Stanag 4569,
    Suspension: Torsion Bar with double or single pin track system
    Operational Range: 450 km
    Maximum Speed: 70 km/h

    KAPLAN MT is the result of joint efforts and cooperation between PT Pindad and FNSS in design, development, production, integration and testing.

    Its unique design provides the lowest silhouette and highest power to weight ratio in its class. Its platform is designed for optimum weight and high mobility performance. Latest technology rear configuration power pack of the vehicle is combined with advanced electronic controlled systems, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and heavy-duty suspension, which enables the vehicle to ensure freedom of high, reliable and continuous power during expeditionary maneuvers on the battlefield for day and night operations. KAPLAN MT’s specific design for terrain configurations such as in South East Asia has been tested in challenging environmental conditions of Indonesia archipelago and achieved best results recorded for its class.

    KAPLAN MT’s design architecture provides superior level of battlefield survivability which comprises advanced ballistic and best in class mine protection systems and adequate firepower against battlefield threats with great speed of response within a short period of time.

    Interior of the vehicle is engineered carefully considering the ergonomics of the crew and different tactical and battlefield conditions including driving, firing and ammunition load/unload. KAPLAN MT is equipped with day and thermal cameras for driver, multi-functional digital driver dashboard, 3rd generation high performance sight system for gunner and commander. In addition Battlefield Management System (BMS) and Laser Warning System (LWS) is also available to provide tactical and situational awareness for the crew.

    Unique Anti-Armored Punch

    KAPLAN MT is fitted with the latest generation CMI Defence Cockerill® 3105 turret equipped with high-pressure 105 mm Cockerill® gun The Cockerill® C3105 is the most advanced and capable light 105 mm turret in its class. It is ideal for infantry support and light KAPLAN MT roles. The C3105 has a unique indirect firing capability that permits to engage in urban and multi-complex terrains.

    Kaplan MT / Harimau

    The governments of Indonesia and Turkey first agreed in May 2015 to jointly develop the MMWT for the Indonesian Army at a reported cost of 30 million US dollars.[7] The development phase of the program was expected to take up to 37 months, with the first prototype being built in Turkey, and the second in Indonesia.[8] The intellectual property of the design was agreed upon to be shared between the two governments.

    On 1 November 2016, during the 2016 Indo Defence expo, the first model of the tank was unveiled, along with some technical specifications.[9] Most notably, the vehicles overall weight was reported to be around 35 tonnes, and the main armament would be provided by a Belgian-made turret developed by CMI Defence featuring a 105 mm rifled barrel, capable of firing a wide range of projectiles.

    On 9 May 2017 at the IDEF 2017 expo, the first prototype of the tank was revealed. The tank can be fitted with either a Cockerill XC-8 105mm concept turret or Cockerill 3105 modular turret. Additionally, the tank utilizes modular armor, allowing for quick replacement upon damage.

    On 5 September 2018, the general manager of FNSS told Turkey's Anadolu Agency that the tank had passed months of required qualification tests for the Indonesian Army, and was ready for mass production. He stated that the first batch of 20 to 25 tanks could be ordered as early as late 2018, and that the full number of tanks to be produced would likely fall between 200 and 400.

    On 7 February 2020, it was announced that mass production of the MMWT has started.
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