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      --Light Tanks--
         KAPLAN MT
      --Main Battle Tanks--
      --Tracked Artillery--
         T-155 Fırtına
         T-155 Fırtına- II
      --Tracked IFV--
      --Tracked SPAAG--
      --Wheeled Artillery--
      --Wheeled IFV--
         PARS III 8x8
      --Wheeled SPAAG--
      Akrep II
      Amphibious Tanks
      Cobra I
      Cobra II
      Derman 8X8
      Ejder Yalcin 4x4
      HIZIR 4X4
      Kirpi I-II
      Medium Tanks
      NMS Yörük
      PARS 4x4 Anti Tank
      Seyit 8X8
         Bayraktar Class
         TCG Anadolu
         TCG Alemdar
         TCG Işın & Akın
         Dost Class
      --Combat Boats--
         Mark V SOC
         MRTP 22/U SOC
         MRTP 24/U SOC
         MRTP 33
         PT. Lundin Tankboat
      --Combat Crafts--
         Kılıç Class
         Klewang Class
         Serhet Class
         Tuzla Class
      --Combat Vessels--
         Ada Class
         Barbaros Class
         Diponegoro Class
         Istanbul Class
         Jinnah Class
         Martadinata Class
         Turkmen Class
         MRTP 24 FAB
      --Special Vessels--
         TCG Ufuk
         Jang Bogo Class
         Preveze Class
         Reis Class
      MALE UAVs
         Bayraktar TB2
         TAI Aksungur
         TAI Anka
  • Karayel
    Role: MALE UAV
    Nation of Origin: Turkey
    Manufacturer: Vestel
    Wingspan: 10.5 m
    Length: 6.5 m
    Weight: 550 kg(MTOW)
    Propulsion: 2 kW (97 hp)
    Armament: MAM-L,MAM-C
    Combat Radius:
    Max Speed: 150 km/h
    Max Altitude: 6,900 m
    Endurance: 20 hours
    Users: Saudi Arabia(named Haboob)

    Vestel Karayel is a surveillance, reconnaissance and later combat UAV system developed for the Turkish Armed Forces by Vestel.

    Karayel is designed and manufactured in accordance with NATO ‘Airworthiness’ standard; STANAG 4671. Karayel system has novel triple redundant distributed avionics architecture which ensures protection against all kinds of uncontrolled crash. With this feature, systematic fault safety used only in manned aviation around the world until now, has been carried to an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time with KARAYEL. The aerial vehicle has the ability to protect against lightning thanks to the aluminum network grid on its composite structure. ‘De-Icing System’ which automatically detects icing conditions and activates carries KARAYEL one step further in terms of operations in cold climates. KARAYEL, which is an aerial reconnaissance and surveillance platform, can perform target marking, lighting and ammunition direction by its laser sensors and day/night target detection and identification by its camera system which it carries as payload.


    With Roketsan MAM-L


    arayel-SU (SU; standing for Armed-Extended Wing) has a longer wingspan, as well as end-plates on its wing tips and two hardpoints for payload under each wing. Each one of the hardpoints can carry 30 kg, meaning that the total payload capacity of the Karayel-SU under its wings is 120 kg. The wing hardpoints can also be equipped with payloads other than munitions. The Karayel-SU also retains the ability to carry 50 kg EO/IR payload at the fuselage payload bay


    Technicial Specifications​

    • Engine Power 1 × 97 HP (Sea Level)
    • Maximum Takeoff Weight : 630 kg
    • Wing Span : 13 m
    • Total Length : 6.5 m
    • Height : 2.11 m
    • Wing Useful Load : 120 kg
    • Trunk Payload : 50 kg
    • Flight Speed : 60-80 knots
    • Rate of Climb : 800 m/min
    • Operational Altitude 18.000 ft
    • Data Link Range: >150 km
    • Landing Distance : <750 m
    • Airborne Time : 20 hours without ammunition, 12 hours with 60 kg load and 8 hours with 120kg loaded
    • Navigation : Fully Autonomous or Manual, Day Camera (color) & IR Night Camera
    • Useful Load : Laser Range Finder,Laser Pointer & Laser Target Marker
    • Other Features ; Triple redundant avionic architecture,Fully autonomous take-off / flight / landing, Composite main structure.

    Other variants​

    CTech SATCOM On-The-Move (SOTM) terminals for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

    • DEV-KU-18 SATCOM On The Move Terminal mounted Vestel Karayel
    • DEV-KA-12 SATCOM On The Move Terminal mounted Vestel Karay

    Saudi Arabia has commenced production of Haboob drone using technology shared by Turkey.

    An image of Haboob armed with Roketsan’s MAM-L ammunition was shared by Advanced Electronics Company (AEC). The new drones are based on Karayel built by Turkish firm Vestel.

    A contract for the manufacture and repair of those drones in Saudi was signed in November 2017.

    Riyadh-based Infra Defense Technologies has previously advertised Karayel UAV.

    Last year, on April 27, the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) approved for Infra Defense Technologies to build 6 drones in 2021, and 40 within a span of five years. The project is scheduled to begin operation during the first quarter of 2021, with an expected investment amounting to $200 million.

    Another drone named Asef, built by Infra, is equipped with Roketsan MAM-L and MAM-C munitions. At the Dubai Airshow-2019, the platform was equipped with a Hensoldt Argos II EO/IR pod to provide day-and-night surveillance capabilities.

    Another UAV designed by Ankara-based Esen Engineering company, which is stated to be produced in Saudi Arabia, is known to be equipped with MAM-L and MAM-C munitions.


    Saudi Arabia's Advanced Electronics Company announcing production of Haboob drones.

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