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  • NMS Yörük
    Role: Light Armored Vehicle
    Nation of Origin: Turkey
    Designer: Nurol
    Turret type:
    Crew: up to 7
    Main armament:
    7.62 mm AMG
    12.7 mm AMG
    40 mm grenade launcher
    Air defence system
    Anti-tank weapon system
    Secondary Armament/s:
    Operational Range: 700km
    Maximum Speed: 140km/h

    The NMS 4×4 is a new light armoured vehicle manufactured by Nurol Makina. The vehicle was launched at International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) held in Istanbul, Turkey, in May 2017.

    The vehicle was also exhibited at Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMIDEX), held in Qatar in March 2018.

    The NMS possesses anti-tank and anti-air -defence capabilities to serve multiple mission requirements of the armed forces. It can be used for wide variety of missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance, combat, troop transport and air defence operations.

    The Qatar Army ordered approximately 100 NMS 4×4 vehicles from Nurol Makina in 2017. The vehicles delivered by Nurol Makina were exhibited by the army during a military parade in December 2017.

    Nurol Makina received a new order from the Qatar Army in March 2018 to deliver an undisclosed number of vehicles to the Special Forces of Qatar.


    NMS 4×4 armoured vehicle design and features​

    The NMS 4×4 armoured vehicle integrates a modular design, and a conventional layout with the engine in the front, crew cab in the centre and troop section in the rear.

    The armoured hull is based on an indigenously built chassis with a four-wheel drive configuration. The monocoque hull structure provides the required strength and flexibility for the vehicle during missions.

    The gross weight of the vehicle is approximately 10,000kg. The spacious internal layout allows it to accommodate nine personnel, including a driver, commander and seven infantry troops.

    The hull is divided into three parts, namely the front section, the middle segment and the rear extension. It is fitted with two single doors on either side and a door at the rear to enable ingress and egress of troops.

    The forward and rear hull of the vehicle is fitted with camera systems, while night visibility is enhanced by the thermal imaging system. The navigational aids include a military GPS and advanced tracking system.

    Variants of NMS 4×4​

    The NMS 4×4 armoured vehicle can be configured into three different variants, depending on the mission requirements. It can be customised into a scout vehicle, a personnel carrier and an air defence system.

    Armament and protection​

    The armoured vehicle is installed with a roof-mounted remote-controlled weapon system mounting a 7.62mm or 12.7mm calibre machine gun. It can also be fitted with a 40mm anti-tank missile launcher system in place of the machine gun.

    The survivability of the vehicle is complemented by the V-shaped hull. The windshield and windows fitted to the vehicle are made of ballistic glass panels. The reinforced structure offers high protection and can withstand ballistic threats, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) explosions. The vehicle can be hinged with add-on armour to increase the protection level.

    Smoke grenade launchers as well as explosion suppression and fire extinguishing systems further enhance protection for the occupants.

    Engine and mobility​

    The power plant enables the vehicle to attain a maximum speed of 140km/h and achieve a maximum range of 700km without any mid supplies. The vehicle can negotiate side slopes of 40%, 0.9m-wide trenches and shallow depths of 0.9m and can climb obstacles that are 0.5m-high.

    The vehicle is equipped with an independent suspension system on both front and rear ends. Its mobility is enhanced by the advanced road grip technology and low centre of gravity. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) fitted to the wheels further enhances stability and control during operations.

    NMS 4×4 provides scalable armor feature, which enables it users to change the ballistic protection level of the vehicle on the field.

    Nurol Makina and Qatar Special Forces Command Sign a Goodwill Agreement for the Procurement of NMS 4X4​

    Qatar Special Forces Command will procure 214 New Generation Light Armored NMS 4x4 from Nurol Makina​

    Issue 82

    At the DIMDEX 2018 fair, a goodwill agreement was signed between Nurol Makina and Qatar Special Forces Command for the supply of NMS 4x4 vehicles.
    During the ceremony with the participation of Nurol Makina Deputy General Manager Dr. Anıl Karel, Qatar Special Forces Commander General Hamad bin Abdullah Al Fetais Al Marri and numerous military and defense officials, Al Marri made a brief statement about the details of the agreement: “I would like to state that we are very happy to procure 214 NMS 4x4 vehicles from Nurol Makina. This agreement completes the previous 342 ‘Ejder Yalçın’ vehicle procurement agreement and is a second agreement covering the procurement of 214 NMS 4x4 vehicles. With this agreement, we are procuring the world’s best vehicles. We hope that this agreement will encourage both our army and this partnership to go further.”

    During the DIMDEX fair, at the Barzan Holding stand, two NMS 4x4 Armored Vehicle initial prototypes, where Anti-Tank Missile Launcher System and IGLA Missile Launching System were integrated, received full marks from the Qatar Armed Forces officials and visitors. These two-initial prototypes took place in the official parade on the National Day of Qatar for the first time last December.

    The Outstanding Capabilities of the New Generation Light Armored NMS 4x4

    The New Generation Light Armored NMS 4x4 is designed uniquely by Nurol Makina and it stands out with its V-shaped monocoque body and an unmatched military chassis. The lower weight of the vehicle, its outstanding protection against mines and ballistics offer its users high survivability even against aggressive and asymmetric threats and this makes the vehicle superior during the course of operations.

    The armor of the vehicle can be adjusted to different levels varying from 1 to 4 in accordance with customer requirements. The armor level enables adjustments. With its lightweight and superior maneuvering capability as well as the easy configuration change feature, it can swiftly cater to the requirements of the procurement authorities.



    The quite low turning radius of the modular NMS 4X4 promises its users great advantages through urbanized terrain operations. NMS 4x4 is designed and equipped with readiness for multi-role capabilities and also features a series of capacities ranging from the transportation of weapon systems in combatant units to reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.

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